I can sleep in my own bed … a Brave bear book

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Title: I can sleep in my own bed

Author: Brave Books


Brave bear and his friend Dylan dragon spend the day playing together, discovering all sorts of wonders in the garden.

Very soon it’s time to bath and sleep in his own bed but Brave Bear had a knot in his tummy, he was frightened to sleep alone.

Sometimes it’s monsters,shadows or a fairy in the dark that make him scared.

Brave bear thinks of some things that will help him to not be scared at night.

Things like a big hug, night light and cuddling his brave bear teddy bear.

This little book comes with a medal of bravery for your child to encourage them to sleep in their own bed at night.

Parents can also purchase little Brave bears from the website http://www.bravebooks.co.za

Written by Deborah Myburgh, a Johannesburg based psychologist and play therapist, the Brave book series is written to help your child navigate the daily challenges of childhood.

With over 60 titles to choose, you can assist your child through most of life’s hiccups with these delightfully engaging books.

The back of the book offers a section of guidance to parents.

A book to revisit often.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

2 Replies to “I can sleep in my own bed … a Brave bear book”

  1. Brave Bear says thank for your review he had extra fun with Dylan the dragon learning how to be extra Brave and he can now sleep in his own bed.

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