I’m Raising a Wild One

I’m raising a wild one

The child who needs to run and jump and explore
The child who grabs life and swings across her adventures with the courage and enthusiasm of an adventurer.
The child who knows no limits and tests boundaries, determined to find his own path.
The child who leads and seldom follows.

I’m raising a wild one

A self confident traveler whose spirit dances with the wind as he sings songs that only he can hear, whilst dancing to his own tune.

The loud one.
The strong one.
The child who dies not hide in shadows and who isn’t afraid to say NO! He isn’t afraid to take up space or to question the roads already travelled.

I’m raising a wild one

The stubborn child. The smart child. The child who looks back at me and says “but mother you are wrong because I’m being raised by the wild one.

By the mother who will not break my will as she guides me to be free to be myself ….a wild one.”

And I look back, knowing, as only a wild one knows…..

That I’m raising a wild one.

The Wild one
By Judy MacGregor ( 2022) 

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