Indescribable for little ones by Pastor Louie Giglio

Title : Indescribable for little ones

Author: Louie Giglio and Tama Fortner

Illustrator: Nicola Anderson

Publisher: Passion Publishing

Pastor Louie Giglio’s best seller Indescribable:100 devotions about God and science captivated readers around the world sharing incredible science facts alongside the wonder of God’s Majesty.

Indescribable for little ones shares the same message with interactive wheels and flaps to keep your child engaged and entertained.

A book to read often. The bright illustrations are fun and full of detail. Little ones will enjoy pointing out the animals and wonders of nature as they learn fun facts like what is the highest mountain in the world and which muscle in our body never stops working.

Hamish loved this book and it has become a firm favourite at bedtime.

Book sponsored by Struik Christian Media

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 1- 5 years


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