International families day

Yesterday, 15 May, was International families day.

What is International families day?

Proclaimed by the UN general in 1993, the day reflects on the importance of family, people, societies and cultures around the world.

It is a day to promote issues that relate to families.

Each year, since 1996, a new theme of focus is chosen. The theme for 2020 is ” Families in Development”

A time for family

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to both value our own families as well as gift those families who may find themselves in a vulnerable situation right now.

Families are the foundation of society.

As the world struggles to adjust to the strange times we are currently faced with, it is according to the UN, the families who bear the brunt of this crisis as they juggle not just their homes and families wellbeing but trying to work from home and educate their children as well.

Why is International Families day important?

Families are the corner stone of society. That one group of people, whether we like them or not, who offer support and upliftment in times of need.

It seems only fitting that we would celebrate them in a day that highlights the importance of family in society.

By celebrating families we place importance on :

  • Building strong family units.
  • Developing healthy communities
  • Creating a better world
  • Recognising the different types of families
  • Open conversations about other families and their challenges
  • Address important issues that factor negatively on families, like:- poverty, unemployment, lack of health care and lack of education
  • Focus on childcare both in and out of the home

How to observe International Families day

There are several fun ways to observe this important day.

Some of my favourite ways are :

  • Spend time with your family.
  • Host a board game night
  • Cook together
  • Create something together
  • Make a video together of your fun moments. We were excited to be part of Primi World video highlighting family moments at their restaurant.

  • Video call each other if you are separated during the pandemic
  • Design a family Crest or research yours online.
  • Sit together and make a family tree
  • Draw or paint family portraits
  • Share your favourite memory of each other
  • Drag out the photo albums and look through old photos sharing family stories
  • Start a digital album, facebook group or blog and let each family member contribute.

  • Volunteer to cook a meal for another family
  • Sort toys for your children to donate to less privileged children
  • Donate clothing or food to a homeless shelter
  • Bake for your neighbours
  • Write thank you cards to our health care staff
  • Write letters to the members of your family and highlight what you like about them
  • Start a family gratitude jar, each member writes what they are thankful for and places it in the jar

Most importantly, as you struggle through the stress of trying to conform to a new normal, remember your family are the people who support you, encourage you and are going through this trying time alongside side you ….love them well.