Jars of love …unique gifts to suit your love language

Last week I was gifted a wonderful little jar of gifts from Elsie Gifting.

My jar was called the gift of service jar and  I opened it to find a treasure of little items that made me smile.


As a young girl my ouma would put together a small shoe box of items for each of us that we recieved at Christmas or a birthday.

This box contained small thoughtful little gifts that we could use or treasure and this gift jar brought back the same feelings of joy and love.

What was inside the jar ?

The jar which is beautifully decorated and reusable without too much packaging contained a treasure trove of self love trinkets.

Just the things I needed whilst in the middle of the last preparations of my eldest daughters wedding.

Protea coffee in a bag ( which is a brand I love), a novelty tea strainer, branded pencil with origami crane eraser to write notes in the sweet notebbook, recipes, paper boat, little umbrella to turn my ordinary mom days into pretend holiday on the beach days, some nail varnish my teen grabbed before I could and a personalised note.

Inside was also a book of vouchers that allow me to show my love to my partner/ family through gifts of service…..and this is my love language.

I love showing the people around me just how much they mean by doing little things for them.

The love languages

Each of the thoughtful gift jars is based on the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman and there are options for you to customize your jar.

There are 5 different love language…

❤words of affirmation

By knowing what your loved ones and your own love languages are allows you to love them the way they need to be loved, not the way you want to love.

Why a gift in jar?

For me this is a truly unique and personalised gift that will speak straight to the heart of your loved one.

I love that the gifting comes with very llittle packaging and that the har is reusable and recyclable.

Thank you for gifting me a little jar of spoils ❤

📸  (Elsies Gifting) ( fun mamma sa)

For more information http://www.elsiegifting.co.za

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