Keen minds busy binder

The Preschool years are such formative years in a child’s life and if we look at the amount of information children have to process over the first 5 years of life, it’s no wonder parents look to experts to help guide them along the way.

Especially in a learning environment.  Many parents know a small child needs to learn to count and know their shapes but not always how to execute this learning.
So, how do you as a preschool parent find the right balance of play and learning for your child and how do you know what to teach them?
KeenMind have you covered.  Rochelle, an educator, has developed an amazing preschool binder that let’s your child learn important concepts and skills whilst playing.

Keen minds busy binder

The binder comes in 2 price options and each page is laminated and handmade with precision and dedication.
Beautifully presented in a gift box this would make a wonderful first day of school gift, fun holiday activity or an end of year gift for a little one entering Grade R or Grade 1
The pages are stored in a ring binder and each one has been laminated.
The puzzle / game pieces are also laminated and stick to the pages using velcro.
The pieces are sized just right for little hands to maneuver. After a few days of play, I notice how secure the velcro is as Hamish yanks at the pieces to get them off and the velcro bits are still stuck tight. So I would say this product could be used for children aged 3 without supervision
Because the pieces attach and come off your child is able to work on a skill until they master it and correct themselves along the way.

Looking at Hamish’s binder

Hamish’s binder came with the following pages :
🔹️Name practice sheet
🔹️Match the shapes
🔹️Match the colours
🔹️Sort by colour
🔹️Match the beginning sounds ( alphabet)
🔹️Count the creatures
🔹️Match the number 1- 10
🔹️Complete the puzzles
🔹️ Sort the objects into small, medium and large
🔹️Sort by size
🔹️Sort by shape
🔹️Sort from tallest to shortest
🔹️Complete the pattern
🔹️Match the other half of the picture
The binder also has a plastic envelope to store all the pieces in. This ensures everything stays neat and that you don’t lose any pieces.
You can see a video here

My thoughts

The binder is beautifully made and well thought out to cover essential preschool skills
I especially love learning through play and your child is not aware that they are learning just that they are having fun whilst playing the puzzles and games in the binder.
The pages being laminated makes them easy to clean, durable and reusable ..adding value for your money when you purchase a binder.
A great product giving you the peace of mind that your child is learning the much needed skills for future learning.

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  1. I love this. Very good to develop child skills and improvement in learning and healthy playing. I will recommend it for any child in the appointed age groups.

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