Lub Dub Hug in a Stamp

Lub Dub 

Hug – in – a -Stamp 

Separation anxiety is very real in children as they grow up and face new experiences,and the Lub Dub Hug in a Stamp is honestly one of the cutest ways to stay connected to your child and encourage them whilst they go off to school, on camp or are away from you for a while.

The little Lub Dub kit comes with a self inking heart stamp and a cute poem story book to read to your child. The book explains to your child how you use the Lub Dub stamp, that big feelings are real and felt by adults too and how to feel safe when they don’t.


Most important that they will be safe in your arms soon.

The ink in the stamp is safe for your children and you to use on your skin as it has been dermatoligically tested. It washes off quite easily at the end of the day in the bath or shower.

How to use the Lub Dub stamp

To use the stamp, you simply stamp a heart on your child’s wrist where you can feel their pulse, read them the poem and stamp a heart on your wrist too.

This shows your kiddo that both of your hearts beat together, so you’re never really apart.

If your child is anxious or scared when away from you, they can press the little heart on their wrist and know you think of them too.

I love this idea and Hamish was so happy to keep my heart close by him and have me keep his heart close to me.

Hug-in-a-stsmp us distributed by Trodat South Africa

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