M3gan opens in cinema 13 January 2023

M3gan opens in cinemas on 13 January 2023

This horror movie focuses on the friendship between a young girl and her artificial intelligence toy doll M3gan.
Alison Williams plays Gemma, a roboticist working in a toy company who takes in her young niece, Katie played by Violet McGraw, when her parents die.
Overwhelmed and unsure of how to help her niece through her grief, Gemma develops a toy robot named M3gan to become the perfect friend. M3gan is programmed to grow with, sync, and protect Katie. Designed as the dream toy….the only toy a child needs.
M3gan however, is far from the perfect dream toy as she turns hostile towards anyone who comes between her and Katie.
Directed by Gerard Johnstone
Screenplay by Akela Cooper
Produced by horror powerhouses James Wan and Jason Blum.
Interesting M3gan is played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis.
You can watch the trailer here

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