Magical Waterseape – review

Fun Living RSA, importers if the quality TOI range of toys and kids activities, sent Hamish a Magical waterseape kit to try and this has to be the most awesome craft we’ve both tried in ages.

What is Magical Waterseape?

The Magical waterseape is a box of absolcreative fun. It is a complete kit that will show your children how yo make their own squishy Jelly toys.

If you’ve been raising creative children who love sensory fidget toys then this is for them! ( moms you’ll love it too!)

Hamish had the best fun making his own squishy Jelly shapes begore playing with them and was quite capable of doing this craft alone

The kit

The kit includes
a container
2 sachets of setting agent
5 double moulds
6 Jelly colours

How to use your kit

The kit is increadibly easy to use, you simply fill the container supplied with about 2 cups of water.

Disolve the setting agent in the water

Use the jelly colours to fill in the mould. (We discovered that you can flood carefully over any of the smaller areas with another colour.)

Once your mould is full, submerge it in the water, holding the mould down until you notice the shape starting to come loose from the mould.(We removed our Jelly character too soon the first time and it was super squishy so we left the others floating in the water for a bit longer.)

Remove them with the net and let them dry on the towel.

Once they are dry your child can play with their new squishy Jelly characters.

Perfect for the holidays !

You can purchase these fun kits from Fun Living RSA 

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