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If anything this pandemic has showed us it is just how versatile and efficient our teachers are.With many parents opting to homeschool or supplement their children’s education this year I’d love to introduce you to Miranda from CAP kids educational resources.

About your brand

My goal with CAP Kids is to make high quality education affordable and accessible to everyone with a phone.After you sign up, you receive digital educational activities and resources sent directly to your WhatsApp, ready for you to print and use.I offer 5 different age groups so all activities are age appropriate and geared to your child’s specific needs.I work with outcomes from the CAPS curriculum, and each week includes Language, Life Skills and Maths activities.

What is your inspiration ?

My inspiration to start my business…….I have always had a passion for teaching and educating, and I am a very creative person and loved creating all sorts of resources for my classroom.When Covid hit I lost my teaching job and started homeschooling my daughter. I saw her education suffer during the pandemic and my heart went out to the children in our country who have been without any form of education or direction for most of this year.I was making my own resources for my daughter and wanted to find an affordable and easy way to share them with as many people as possible.That is how CAP Kids was born.

Share your vision

My vision/mission is to one day supply NPO Schools with educational material.

What is your favourite product?

My favourite product is definitely my digital resources.I also offer printed files which I courier in South Africa, but my passion lies with the digital PDF resources.Technology has made it possible to send these valuable resources to the other side of the world with the click of a button, and I want to use this to make this educational product accessible to everyone.

Who is the person behind the brand?

My name is Miranda Lee and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (UNISA, 2019) as well as a Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Development.I have experience teaching children from the age of 1 up to Grade 3, and have taught CAPS, IEB and IB curriculums. I have over 7 years’ teaching experience and I currently lecture ECD at Caversham College.I have a daughter, who I homeschool (and love every second of it!) and two rescue fur-babies.My dream is to one day supply educational activities to NPO schools all over South Africa.

Favourite quote

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

What advice would you give a new brand?

A message I would give a brand just starting out…….”Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods”

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