Meet the brand ….Cheeky Geek Designs

I’m a huge fan of personalised items and truthfully believe a company is as strong as it’s branding.

So, I recently had some new gear designed for my blogs by Cheeky Geek Designs.

I was not disapointed with the fabulous servious and amazing quality and thought I’d introduce you today, to this family orientated business.

Cheeky Geek Designs

facebook: Cheeky Geek Designs

instagram: @cheekygeek._

About our brand:

Cheeky Geek Designs is a family based printing and design company with quirky customised style and a “can do” attitude. We aim to bring back the personal touch onto clothing and printed items by inspiring customers to add their own personal flair.

Our inspiration:

As an entrepreneurial family we have been searching and testing the waters in various areas…..until we founded Cheeky Geeks – this brand gives us the freedom to be creative, professional and fun. Enabling quality time together and growing a concept into a profitable business.

Our vision:

Our vision is as parents of semi independent teens to create and build a company that can incorporate the entire family not only with work but in business and social skills as well. Our mission is to create a family brand with quirky style and prove that even in the toughest economy – with hard work and determination anything is possible.

Our favorite products:

Our favorite part of the brand and company is the design process – taking someone’s idea and creating something stunning.

Often it is difficult for people to explain what they have in mind when customising or personalising their items, such as a shirt – with excellent top of the range software and equipment this has become a breeze and guarantees top quality products each time.

Seeing the smiles on the customers faces when their idea is borne into fruition is the most satisfying and definitely my favorite part.

The person behind the brand:

A family of big personalities and even bigger spirits it is hard to single out a certain individual behind the brand. But I do like to refer to us as a “fun-damily”.

Favorite quote:

Walt Disney: – If you can dream it – you can achieve it.

Message to a brand starting out:

As an up and coming brand ourselves – my message would be to keep going. Things don’t always go as planned and we need to adjust and adapt accordingly.

Business Bio

Cheeky Geek Designs is a printing and design house offering custom designs for personalised gifts and clothing. We use state of the art equipment and programs to offer quality products in promised time frames. Our motto is to bring back the smiles – we believe in happy customers and return business.

We started out with doing shirts for family and friends and have progressed into a company that offers a variety of services within this market.