Meet the brand …

As a complete novice to many DIY household ideas I’m blessed to share many cups of coffee with the owner of DIY Western cape.

Colleen’s years of home improvement knowledge and passion for a hardware store make her an expert in her field and the first person on my speed dial for advice before I embark on a new project.

DIY Western Cape

DIY Western Cape (Pty) Ltd
Facebook :Diywcape

Tell us a bit about your brand

DIY Western Cape at present is all about DIY paving moulds that have been specially designed and developed for the D.I.Y enthusiast to create a rustic paving look in their garden, while ensuring a water friendly environment.

It can also be used to design your own personal garden path, tea garden, braai areas, courtyards, terraces, patio areas, driveways (foundation first).

The moulds can also be used as a stamp or cladding on walls to create a rock art finish.

I hope to expand my DIY brand in the near future by adding new locally available DIY products.

What was your inspiration to start your business.

It all started when I admired a DIY paving mould on Pinterest.

I was very interested in using the mould around my garden. At that time the mould was only available overseas and as I prefer to support my local industry , this was not an option for me. I wanted to pay for the mould locally.

Over the next year I continued to browse the internet and eventually found a supplier in South Africa but the moulds were costing over R2000.00 each.

In 2017 I finally found an importer and thought that it would be a great idea to create my own company and show case these amazing moulds at an affordable price.

DIY Western Cape was started in Cape Town in 2017 to supply the surrounding areas with innovative paving solutions for the DIY enthusiast, Landscaping Companies and Developers.

What is your vision/ mission with your brand

To introduce DIY products in South Africa at affordable prices.

To create a platform for locally based DIY enthusiasts or small DIY businesses to show case and sell their DIY products in SA.

What is your favourite product in your range and why?

I have a two favourites. The first is the Belgium which is a brick style mould amazing to use for a patio or drive way.

The second is the Pathwalker which can be rotated to create unique designs for pathways, around fire pits or walkways.

Tell us a bit about yourself- the person behind the brand.

I am a female DIY enthusiast who loves to walk around hardware stores and craft markets.

Although I am not artistic, I am creative (if that makes sense). I will fix, paint, repair most things around the house unless it’s a heavy job and I need professionals.

Creative DIY I find a bit more of a challenge as I can never make up my mind as to colour , shape, style but after googling examples, brain storming, I eventually create my own master pieces.

What is your favourite quote.

n boer maak a plan.

What message would you give a brand just starting out.

Follow your dream, work at getting your brand out there and never give up.

Times will be tough.


It takes at least 3 years before you feel that you are getting known out there and always network yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.