Meet the wonderful #Watershedkids brands who are bringing back the innocence of childhood.

Covid hit our local businesses increadibly hard with many of them unable to earn their salaries or pay their staff as they rely on markets to attract their customers.

The closing of the V & A Watershed during our lockdown was a hard time on so many of these talented local traders.

So, when The Watershed finally reopened a few weeks back, we were excited to support 4 of our favourite kids brands.

I love SoJo

Sam and Seb

Rock paper scissors

And Nunabean

Watershed kids

These four brands form the #Watershedkids and not only are their brand stories encouraging, their quality is amazing and their products encompass the very image of childhood.

Each is unique in their style and design but they all carry the same principles in business.

These local brands are mindfully creating employment for others in their communities, they are dedicated to using locally or proudly South African materials and each is concious of the impact they have on the environment around them.

Their ethos of being:

  • Unique
  • Authentic
  • Beautiful
  • Natural
  • Ethical
  • And local

Makes them brands that not only deliver an excellence in quality, but also ones that you know as a mom you can trust.


We were so excited to not just meet with the increadible talent behind these well known brands but also to enjoy the reopening of the watershed.

We were also spoilt with some delicious melt in your mouth biscuits and some spoils for Hamish.

About the brands


This super stylish children’s brand encompasses the innocence of childhood.

With timeless clothing that are both well made and ready for adventures.


A fun,colourful babies and children’s range of comfortable and stylish clothing that truly represents our beautiful land.

Each item is locally made from start to finish. Amanda combines her incredible talent with her environment and the strong influence of our diverse culture is beautifully represented in her clothing range.


The talent at of this brand is remarkable.

Each item is recycled using a mix of modern and vintage materials gorgeously handmade into the most unique of toys and clothing.


Never were baby items more luxurious.

Each item is handmade and seamless. Using only natural yarns these items of clothing are the ultimate in comfort and style for your little ones.

If you haven’t yet discovered these amazing brands pop over and show them some love or better yet pop by and discover the beautiful creations at their little shops in the Watershed.

The Watershed is now trading Thursdays to Sundays from 10am to 5pm