Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling toy review

Monster Bowling

Sometimes you come across a toy that’s just too cute not to share like this adorable monster bowling set from Melissa and doug toys.

Not only cute and Fluffy but great for gross motor skills and keeping the kids busy indoors.

These fuzzy monsters will add a whole lot of colour, texture and googly eyes to a traditional and fun game.

About the toy.

These 6 cute weighted monster pals and soft round monster ball, each have their own unique names and handstitched details. The weighted bottom of the pins help to stabilize them as your child sets up the game in the different formations before using Klonk the ball to knock them down.

With a assortment of textures they make the perfect sensory companion for hours of fun and when you’re done, store them back in their handy zip up bag.


There are several benefits to playing with these monster bowling pins.

  • Enhances gross motor skills
  • Improves motor planning
  • Enhances problem solving skills
  • Reduces stress
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Develops dexterity
  • Promotes maths skill


Recommended for kids age 2+ to develop dexterity.


Single or multiple players


Avaliable at any Melissa and doug supplier or from Takealot.


Prices vary depending on where you buy it but at time of going to press the Takealot price was R460

My impression

I absolutely love this little game. Hamish was totally bowled over and enjoyed getting to know each little monsters name and physical features.

The pins stand nicely and the ball is super soft making the game great for indoor play as it won’t break anything. However I do feel the ball needed to be bigger or harder to actually knock the pins down. Although this does knock one or two down, Hamish was hoping to knock all 6 with one ball and I noticed he had to throw very hard to knock the pins.

We had fun learning the great and have definitely played with it quite a bit. He also likes that it can be a single player game.

With a large focus on sensory toys online right now, I would add this as a great sensory toy for younger children.

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