Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel launches on BBC Brit, Wednesday 18th August at 20:00, joining the new and exclusive channel line-up.

Entertainment that the whole family can enjoy!

Hosted by the Bafta award-winning Michael McIntyre, each episode sees a mixture of great contestants, celebrity guests and laugh out loud moments as Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel brings a brand new spin to Wednesday nights on BBC Brit
Underneath the colossal 42-foot-wide Wheel structure are three contestants, who are desperately hoping for their chance to play the game and walk away with a life-changing sum of money.
One of them is selected at random to start the game and they dramatically rise up into the centre of The Wheel to join Michael and the seven celebrities.
In the first episode, the celebrity experts are Countdown’s Susie Dent; singer Jason Donovan; TV presenter Dermot  O’Leary; Spice Girl Mel B; fashion expert Gok Wan; showbiz journalist Richard Arnold and TV personality Joel Essex.
Each celebrity sat on the Wheel brings a different quiz category to the show.
The chosen contestant will select which of the seven categories they want to take on and with the help of a celebrity, they will answer a question on it. However, the contestants don’t get to choose who their helper is, The Wheel does, in a dizzying,high-energy spin!
At the end of the spin, whichever celebrity The Wheel chooses will help the contestant to answer the question. Whilst the contestant naturally hopes that it’s the celebrity with the expert knowledge on the category,
The Wheel is completely random and could select anyone!
With each spin there are huge risks and rewards. Contestants must keep answering questions correctly to progress through the game, build the prize pot, and keep their spot at the centre of The Wheel.
If the contestant gets a single question wrong, or if they land on the dangerous, red‘ shutdown’ celebrity, then they are sent straight back down beneath the Wheel. One of the three contestants is then randomly selected to rise up and continue the game where the last one left off. Once all seven categories have been completed, whichever contestant is in control of the wheel must answer one final question to try and take home a huge sum of money, leaving the other two with nothing…Although jam-packed with drama, above all else,’ The Wheel’brings laughter, camaraderie and excitement to the nation when we all need it most.

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