Mothers day with Starke Ayers

Dearest Mammas

A very Happy Mothers day to you all.

I hope that you’ve been spoilt with hugs and smoochy kisses and blessed with all the handmade crafts so loving made by tiny hands.

Hamish made me a lovely handprint flower pot card at school. He spent quite some time telling me just how they made it and he painted it.

Yesterday he went with me to Starke Ayers and we planted our own little pots of flowers.

Starke Ayers have a promotion that for every weekend in May you can go plant flowers free. This was really the heart of my mother’s day gift, getting to share this experience with my little gardener.

First he needed to choose a pot colour, which when dealing with toddlers is much more difficult than it sounds.

Hamish settled for a white pot which he filled with potting soil.

Next we chose a flower and pushed it into the sand. Hamish loved this part because he got to moosh his hands in the soil.

Lastly we watered our flowers and here Hamish truly took the lead. First finding someone to fill the watering can and then proceeding to water every flower, stone and path.

What a wonderful Mothers day initiative. This is such a wonderful way to introduce children to gardening.

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