Mr Men Little Miss Advent Calendar storybook collection review

There is nothing more magical in childhood than starting the countdown to Christmas day.

Each year we find a special Advent Calendar for this occasion. This year, we will be counting down using the Mr Men Little Miss Advent storybook collection Calendar from Johnathan Ball Publishers kids book club.

Mr Men Little Miss Advent Calendar storybook collection

I absolutely love book Advent calendars and as Hamish is a huge Mr Men Little Miss fan, these 24 miniature Christmas theme books are the perfect way to build the excitement for Christmas.

The Mr Men and Little Miss advent calendar storybook collection features 24 individual stories in a large hard cover book format 

Inside the book are 24 individual Christmas theme pockets, that include mini editions of the following exciting stories:

1. Mr. Tickle Saves the Day
Little Miss Sunshine Cheers Everyone Up
3. Mr. Small’s Big Dream
4. Little Miss Giggles and the New Job
5. Mr. Bump Goes on Holiday
6. Little Miss Bossy Saves the Zoo
7. Mr. Tall and the Big Surprise
8. Little Miss Contrary and the Confused Guest
9. Mr. Strong Looks for a Job
10. Little Miss Helpful at the Fair
11. Mr. Chatterbox’s Parrot
12. Little Miss Lucky’s Friend
13. Mr. Nonsense isn’t Himself
14. Little Miss Magic to the Rescue
15. Mr. Clever Flies a Kite
16. Little Miss Late takes her Time
17. Mr. Mischief The Artist
18. Little Miss Tiny’s Big Adventure
19. Mr. Silly and the Silly Secret
20. Little Miss Wise’s Winning Walk
21. Mr. Mean’s Good Deed
22. Little Miss Neat Cleans Up
23. Mr. Worry’s Christmas
24. Little Miss Stubborn and the Unexpected Holiday

The Mr Men Little Miss Advent Calendar storybook is the perfect festive treat for all Mr. Men and Little Miss fans!

For more information visit Johnathan Ball Publishers

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