My own personal recipe book with McCain

Mccain recently ran a promotion where if you bought two of their products you could recieve a personalised recipe book with 6 of your own recipes included in the book.

This was an easy task for us, as we naturally eat a lot of Mccain products each week.

Getting my book

I purchased my products and sent the till slip via their whatsapp number. I was then allocated a voucher code for my free personalised recipe book valued at R400

Then I went online and added my own recipes. This was a relatively simply process and all o needed to do was upload some high quality images, as they state they will use generic images if your quality is bad and write out my recipes into the space provided.

Then after completing the online form, which took about 30 minutes after I finally chose my recipes and with copying them over, I submitted it all and immediately recieved an email letting me know the progress of my book.

In hindsight I honestly should have had the recipes pre-chosen and typed up ready to copy and paste to make the process go faster.

My recipes

Naturally I named my recipe book after my Fun mamma blog as I really wanted to include recipes that Hamish and I had cooked together.

I chose the following recipes to include in my book

  • Happy banana faces
  • An egg-stra special breakfast
  • Easter bunny biscuits
  • Mini smiley meat pies
  • Ants on a log
  • Dinosaur biscuits

About my recipes

These recipes are very special to me and each one holds a nostalgic memory for fun mamma sa as well as Hamish and I.

  • The Happy banana faces and Easter bunny biscuits both featured in the Weekend Argus in April 2021.
  • The mini smiley meat pies were the first meal we cooked with McCain on a campaign during lockdown 2020.
  • The egg-stra special breakfast was us my traditional breakfast for Hamish and includes the fun dinosaur eggs I’ve made each year since 1992.
  • The Ants on a log was the first recipe Hamish made almost entirely by himself.
  • The dinosaur biscuit recipe is an old recipe I used way back in 2000 to teach maths ratios to my older children during one of our homeschool lessons and I still use the recipe today. Naturally no recipe book would be complete for fun mamma sa or Hamish without a dinosaur.


Throughout the last 5 days I’ve received regular updates on the status of my book and found it quite fitting that today, on world book day, my beautifully bound, attractive personalised recipe book arrived at my door.

Hamish was blown away at seeing photos of himself cooking in the book.

Thank you McCain for a wonderful promotion.

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