NanKid 4 Growing up Milk for Healthy Kids

One of the things we encourage is a healthy diet and I’m careful to see that Hamish gets the right nutrients for his growing body.
But there are times when he loses his appetite or is sick and may need a little help to get the required nutrients to stay healthy. For times like that we use a growing up milk.

What is a growing up milk?

Children grow rapidly and will require specific nutritional needs at different times of their development. If these needs are neglected there are very real concerns of increased risk of deficiencies and long-term health problems.

growing up milks are formulated to give your child the correct amount of nutrition, in the right amounts to support their growth and provide a healthy foundation for growth and development.

Nankid 4

Nestle NanKid 4 is designed for children aged 3-5 years old and is a protein source providing the correct quality and quantity of protein for your child.

With added Bifodobacterium Lactis, which is a natural active culture and HMOs to support the growth of good gut bacteria and support the immune and digestive systems, NanKid 4 is also a source of Omega-3 and -6 , fatty acids and DHA that is required by the brain and for vision development.

Not only does NanKid 4 provide the required nutritional needs but also supplies your active little one with optimal energy to keep them on the go throughout the day.

Taste test

We haven’t used a growing up milk in over a year, so I was curious to see Hamish’s reaction.¬†I did not expect such a strong reaction…you can see his taste test here.

He loved it and eagerly drank up.

How to make Nankids 4

  • Wash your hands and cup thoroughly¬†before preparing.
  • Boil drinking water and allow to cool.
  • Pour 210 ml of water into cup.
  • Use enclosed scoop (ensure scoop is dry before and after use) from the container and level using inner rim.
  • Add 7 level scoops.
  • Gently stir before serving.
  • Close tin tightly after each use.
  • Store in a cool dry place. (Use within 4 weeks of opening.)
Allow to cool before serving it to your child.

How to serve

I served Hamish his first cup chilled with ice as it was really warm today and then his second cup was a warm drink before bed.
You could also add it to cereal, mix in a milkshake mix or freeze it into lollys.

Final Thoughts

Hamish has asked if he can drink this every day and I’m quite happy to add growing up milk to his diet.

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