Ocean inspired sausage octopus

When I first started Fun mamma SA I remember seeing this cute receipe online somewhere and excitedly tried it out.

Kerri and Ronan loved them.

It’s been many years since I last made a few and Hamish, has been really fussy lately so I decided to make a few for supper tonight

The receipe makes 4 sausage octopus.

You need :

2 Vienna sausages

16 sticks of spaghetti


Tomato sauce

To make up

Cut the sausages in half so you now have 4 pieces

Break the spaghetti sticks in have.

Into the end of 1 piece of sausage stick 8 pieces of dry spaghetti

Do this for all 4 pieces

Boil until the spaghetti is soft

Decorate with tomatoes sauces mouths and mayonnaise eyes.

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