Painting Rocks and Hiding them, why so many people have joined this craze

A few months back I was invited to join a group on Facebook called Cape Town Rocks.

I had posted a few pictures of the story rocks we made and someone felt I would find this group insightful ….and I did.

This group is a community of amazing people who share their love of being creative, their incredibly inspiring rock paintings and where they have hidden them. They also share useful tips on pens and paints to use and pictures when they find a rock that was hidden.

But why paint rocks and hide them?

In their own words they paint the rocks because it’s both relaxing and good for the soul.

It allows for a fun, non pressured way to express an individual’s creativity and no two stones are the same.

Hiding the stones is just as much fun and opens up opportunities to take hikes, explore new spaces and leave small messages as a random act of kindness …you never know who needs to hear your message today.

Paint a rock. Hide a rock day

Obviously, this wonderful group are not the first nor the only group to paint rocks and hide them. There are many groups worldwide.
I even came across a Paint a rock. Hide a rock day where people were encouraged to paint a blue rock to represent the world with a red heart on it.

What a wonderful way to unite people!

How do you get started?

By finding rocks or pebbles to paint.

I read an interesting debate which I must admit I somewhat agree with. People were buying their stones as these come from quarries and do not upset the environments they are moved from.

Your local builders warehouse or nursery should stock stones big enough to paint.

If you do remove stones from beaches, parks or gardens try not to take too many or remove several from the same spot.

What do you need?

Hamish and I started with just some brushes and paints.

Acrylic, oil or craft paints work best.

Kerri used nail varnish and glitter glues.

You can buy all sorts of amazing markers and pens from a craft store as you find your interest grows.

How to paint on rocks


Pinterest and Facebook have so many amazing ideas on what to paint onto your rocks.

Your imagination is your only boundary.

Here are a few of my favourites

Painting with Hamish

Hamish and I started painting our rocks today to hide.

For him choosing the actual rock was the most exciting part of the process. I used some cheap paint we bought from a China store hear us and let him paint how he felt his rock should look.

He was quite happy to keep adding paint and really enjoyed painting his first rock.
This was a lot of fun and really is both relaxing and not pressured at all. I dont feel the need to make it perfect and really just rushed a quick design to show Hamish an example. He did ask me when we painting more so I think we will most likely grab the family, set up a painting station and let everyone Express themselves.

Look out for our hidden rocks ❤

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