Paper shapes puzzle

We are revising our shapes this week as Hamish can now identify quite a few.

He has learnt circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, diamond and heart.

As it’s a holiday at his school today I thought I’d make him this activity quickly to keep him busy this morning and share it with you.

You will need

coloured paper
Prestick ( optional)
White card

How to

Trace around several different shapes onto the coloured paper and cut them out.
Then trace each cut out shape onto the card.
Add a bit of prestick to the back of each paper shape and let your child match them to the shapes on the card.


Only use shapes your child is familiar with in the beginning and add one new one each time.

If your child doesn’t know the name of the shapes start slowly with 3 or 4 shapes only and just let them match the shape outline.

You could also use this as a colour match activity by only drawing one shape and cutting out that shape, for e.g. triangle, in several different colours. Then ask your child to place each shape on its matching colour.

You could make this activity a lot more fun by drawing faces onto the shapes or sticking googly eyes on.

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