Peanut butter and banana puff pastry flowers

Peanut butter and banana puff pastry flowers

These came out so delicious and are so easy the kids can make them

You will need ( makes 6)
🥄1x roll of @tasteoftoday puff pastry
🥄 peanut butter
🥄 1 big banana or 2 small bananas
🥄 chocolate icing sugar mix
🥄 baking paper
🥄craft sticks
🥄heart cookie cutters in two sizes


🥄 Roll out your puff pastry and cut 12 big hearts and 6 small hearts.
🥄 Place the baking paper onto an over tray. Using baking paper helps to remove the treat easier from the tray.
🥄Place 6 of your big hearts down on the tray.
🥄Butter each heart with peanut butter just in the centre. You don’t want to go to close to the edge or the heart won’t close.
🥄Next add a stick to the bottom of each heart
🥄 Now place 2 pieces of banana in the cebtre of each heart and drizzle with syrup.
🥄Attach a large heart to the top of each heart and press down with your fingers along the edges to seal the hearts.This completes your flower.
🥄Apply a small heart to the centre of each stick as the leaves.
🥄Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C until golden


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