Friday, 28 June sees the release of a brand new single from PEDRO BARBOSA – entitled LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a new version of a song PEDRO used to perform with MRS B, and was already first penned down in 2003 while PEDRO was studying at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. Fans always commented on how the song inspired them to live life to the fullest, and PEDRO decided to do a recreation of the song with new lyrical content as a virtual conversation between himself and life.
“The song is a discussion in my head between me and life. In 2023, I had some health issues – anxiety, lost some friends and the issue about mental health came around often. At one point, I didn’t feel like this was all worth it, and I kind of gave up. I was depressed and frustrated, but coming out of it, I remembered this song and how it made people feel happy. At one stage, someone told me that this song saved his life. It made me want to redo the song.”
Recorded by Mark Beling, PEDRO and Mark agreed on the type of production for the new version of the single – they wanted a broad appeal so decided to replace the original rock version with an 80s-synth feel to create the effects of nostalgia and euphoria.
“My new single is a song about changing your mindset and choosing to live. We have to take the beautiful moments in life and multiply them. I think that is our obligation – we only have one life, and for us and others around us we should give it the best we can. I think the fact this is our only life, makes it important to make sure it is a beautiful one – that is our responsibility.”
Fans can look forward to a happy and inspiring offering from PEDRO, which will leave them feeling motivated and rejuvenated.
“Last year the passing of our friend Kobus De Kock Jnr from Black Cat Bones hit me hard, and the idea that life goes through people and travels between all of us and how we must value it, made me realise I was letting go even though I didn’t really want to. Something in me woke up and decided to fight. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a song about changing your mindset and choosing to live.”
Watch the music video for LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL here!

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