Pips and moo – quality wooden children’s toys and accessories

As a mom, I am always looking for good-quality wooden toys for Hamish.

One of the companies that ticks all my boxes when it comes to good quality wood products isĀ  Pips & Moo

Who are Pips & Moo

Pips & Moo are a family business, priding themselves not only on the quality of their delightful products but also that they handle every detail of production from painting to packaging and even delivery. I witnessed this first hand when placing my order and I received an email about the colour of the blocks that I had ordered.

While mom and dad sort the manufacturing of the products, the children Pips and Moo, put the products to the ultimate kiddy test, ensuring that each product is designed with fun and durability in mind.

Why wooden toys and decor

I love wooden toys and have featured many over the years but my main reasons for loving a wooden toy is because:

  • they are handmade and often made with love
  • they are durable and built to last
  • many times they are unique
  • they do not break as easily as other toys
  • they can be passed down as heirlooms

What makes Pips & Moo different

So why order from Pips & Moo when there are other wooden toy companies?

One of the features that stands out immediately is the quality of Pips & Moo products. The items are made to last, be re-used, and passed on. Using only quality wood, they have designed products that move beyond the mindset of instant gratification to one that rather:

  • encourage outdoor play and exploration
  • focus on physical development
  • teach social skills
  • aid your child’s development
  • promote cognitive development
  • encourage fine motor development
  • help with gross motor skills
  • provide an item that helps children grow

Family business with personal service

I have personally ordered a few items from Pips & Moo not only for the great quality but also because they offer an overall amazing online shopping experience.

The website is inviting and user-friendly and it is easy to place an order. Once your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation and should there be a problem with your order the owners personally email you to confirm a change in colour, etc.

Most payment methods are accepted and shipping is safe and really quick.

I love the wide variety of products they manufacture and you can purchase:

  • furniture
  • decor
  • toys
  • items for mom and dad
  • gift vouchers

On my last order, I used a voucher and it was clear where I needed to enter the voucher code and my sale was approved instantaneously. I often struggle on other sites when using a voucher code.

Best of all Pips & Moo offers free shipping so you can purchase a little extra.

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