Polonius the pit pony by Richard O’Niel

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Title: Polonius the pit pony

Author: Richard O’Niel

Book review
Polonius the pit pony


This is the brave tale of a small pit pony, Polonius, who meets the traveling horses Cushy and Thor and decides to escape from the life of a mine horse.Saved by a little girl, he goes to live with a traveling family desperately wanting to be as strong and as useful as the other horses.After the family make a huge order of chairs to deliver , a giant fog rolls in stopping them from using the truck.The other horses are afraid of the fog and so cant pull the cart, but little Polonius has a plan and saves the day.This story is based on true events.Hamish loved this story and we were all rooting for the brave little pony but there wee several words that were foreign to us and a glossary of traveler terms would have been useful at the end of the book.

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