Recycle your old Lego into this cute Lego man photo frame.

We’ve been introducing name recognition activities at home for Hamish. Pointing out not only his name on his lunch bag and other items but also the letters of his name.

So, when I found that him and Ronan had recycled some big pieces of Lego, that Hamish no longer plays with, into a giant Lego man, I knew exactly what we would turn it into …

A Lego man picture frame with his name on.

We glued a photo of Hamish into the centre, frame area and added some quick detail with a permanent marker and before you could say “Hand me the Dublo”, the Lego man was complete.

He now stands guarding over Hamish’s toys in the play area.

How to make your own

You will need

  • 18 x single blocks
  • 8 x 2 piece blocks
  • 2 x shaped pieces for shoes
  • 1 x shaped piece for head
  • 1 x four piece block

(Any make of large Dublo/lego blocks will do)

  • Permanent marker
  • Photo of your child
  • Pritt glue

How to make the frame

Construct your Lego man by following the blocks in the picture above.

Once you have built your Lego man, keeping his tummy area open, cut your photo to size and use the Pritt to glue it to the open tummy area, forming a photo frame.

Lastly, write your childs name and add facial features and other details.

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