Robo Alive fish and turtle toy review

How cute are these Zuru Robo Alive fish and turtle?

These were part of a toy drop sent to Hamish from Toys R Us and quickly became a hit in our home with the kids and the adults.

In general,I’m a huge fan of the Zuru brand and these little ocean creatures don’t just deliver cuteness, they are engaging and entertaining. Your kids will love them as much as Hamish does.

Robo Alive TurtleĀ 

The turtle swims when in water and walks on land when you touch a sensor on his back. Designed to swim in different directions there are 4 colour turtles to collect.

Robo Alive Fish

The little fish just keeps swimming but actually changes colour in the water. With the ability to swim in different directions, they are pre-loaded with batteries and can dive to a depth of 2m. There are 6 different colours to collect

Great for bath time or to play with in the pool.

Toys available at Toys r us







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