National Siblings day – 10 April

Today is National Sibling Day.

Nat. Siblings day
National Siblings Day – 10 April

Siblings are sometimes your best friends or your worst enemies.

Growing up my younger sister was always someone for me to look out for which would annoy me tremendously, but I also remember many hours of quiet tea parties and busy Barbie doll games.

Today both in our 40’s, we are each other’s sounding boards and voice of reason.

My own 7 children are lucky enough to have a wonderfully huge family full of siblings to bond with,to make memories with and annoy because truthfully no one can annoy you like your brother or sister.

My family
My children- Tammi, Dylan, Shaun, Byron, Ronan , Kerri and Hamish at our wedding

No matter what, a siblings will be your biggest competition, strongest source of encouragement and keep reminding you of those embarrassing moments all too frequently.

About National Sibling Day

National Siblings Day was founded by Claudia Evart in 1995 in honor of her siblings.
She wanted to celebrate both her siblings whom she had lost early in life in two separate accidents. Living without her siblings she knew the important role that siblings play in each others lives.

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Sibling Day follows in a similar spirit as both Mother’s and Father’s Day, as an uplifting celebration honoring people who have helped in your development and who have shaped your values, beliefs and ideals.

Siblings – source best quote


To help your children to celebrate their sibling here are some ways you can show some love today.

1. Take some fun photos together

Grab a box of props or some dress up outfits and make some memories. Take some crazy pictures to remember the day.

2. Make a card

Explain to your children what Sibling Day is and help them to make a homemade card listing some of their siblings best traits.
Even if your children fight every 10 minutes, you will be suprised at how well they know each other.

3. Host a Sibling Day picnic

Grab a blanket and pack a quick picnic for the kids and let them engage in a few old fashioned activities like hide and seek or playing tag.

4. Gratitude Moment

After supper take a moment to have your children say something nice about each other. What are they grateful for about their sibling.

5. Board games

You can’t go wrong with board games. Bring out your children’s favourites for a fun evening.

Research has shown that siblings spend the most time together. They are each other’s first friends and even if your children fight like cat and dog, their sibling bonds will always be one of their strongest relationships.

Happy Sibling Day!

Sibling quote
Quote -Clar Ortega

Note: this blog was first published on April 2019