Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights

– author unknown

You call me at midnight,

You call me at four.

Sometimes with a gurgle,

More often with a roar.

The night is big and lonely,

And you are oh so small.

You’d like to see your mummy,

And so my love you call.

It’s late and I am sleepy,

And so, my love, I grumble.

And as I pick you up again,

You hear my tired mumble.

But none the less I hold you,

Rock you back to sleep.

I promised I’d be there for you;

A promise that I’ll keep.

Then maybe later down the track,

( in eighteen years or more)

You’ll call me once again my love,

At two, or three, or four.

And once again I’ll grumble,

I’ll moan that it is late.

But I’ll always come and find you,

I’ll never make you wait.

And there might come a day,

Where you’re a parent too.

And in the middle of the night,

Your child will call for you.

And then you’ll understand,

That precious love do deep.

You wouldn’t trade it in,

For a thousand nights sleep.

Yet sometimes you’ll be tired,

You’ll think you’ve had enough.

You can call on me,

I know sleepless nights are tough.

Whether you’re a baby

Or when you’re fully grown.

You can always call on me, my love,

You’ll never be alone.

And though there’ll come a day,

When we will be apart.

You still can always call on me,

I’ll be right there in your heart.

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