Sorry! Not sorry …why I’m following my own rules

Just who exactly makes the rules ?

I work really hard at bettering my Social media presence daily but I’m also really proud of my loyal readership.

Those 600 people who stuck by me in my know nothing days way back in 2012 and 6 years later are still totally supporting me along with so many more amazing parents.

These people have seen my mistakes, judged my bad memes and watched my transitions as i try make up my mind which best advise to follow to grow my page.

Some of it has worked.
Others really haven’t.

But the one constant thing about my erratic, often in your face posting is my passion.

A powerful non stopable passion that shows my realness….

Some days I’m silent because we all have those days where we don’t like people of have nothing to say.

Other times I don’t stop sharing. I have so much to say and share it gushes over the sides like melted ice cream on a cone.

So, I try…..

I try follow the aesthetics of Instagram. I try follow the social media marketing golden rules . Hell this week I even tried to post just once a day.

Normally following these prescribed ideas:

▫️ is stressful.

▫️Way too much thought for my fun blog .

▫️A hellova lot of extra work .

▫️Mindlessly time consuming

▫️Leads me to anxiety driven panic… Just how on God’s green earth do I choose just 1 friggen photo from a day full of wonderful moments?

So i had some reflection time yesterday.

I’ve built a decent following doing things my way. By fumbling in the dark and spontaneously spewing out the beauty and robustness of parenting.

I love being organised but my blog doesn’t and my readers don’t care.

They still reading!

Oh those gorgeous Instagram pages with perfect page layouts and perfect family shots where kids don’t cry or poo are great …But I’m a mom. I juggle my days and live in a combination of chaos, coffee and Lego scattered on the floor.

I’m not a business…..

I think this last one is the most relevant.

If I was to look at a business page I would expect a certain amount of advertising and branding but…..

If I look at my family I see perfectly imperfect people. I see a thousand happy moments, I see tears and laughter. We constantly grow and change. Today we may have a good day and tomorow could be bad. We don’t have perfect pictures as we rush about our day ….some day we have blurred lines and cold grey buildings and other days it’s bright sunshine and happy smiles.

My family and I are not perfect but we are real!

And in order to portray that to my audience, in order for me to be my most authentic self I have to break the rules.

So, my dear readers…..

💮My instagram will be messy and mismatched.

💮My Facebook will be full of all the things I want to share with you.

💮I will overshare …all the time !

💮And my blog ….

That will continue to educate, encourage and inspire you but mostly remind you that it’s ok to make your own rules


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