Starting the holidays off sweetly

Yesterday was the start of the September/October school holidays and  we had booked a baking workshop for Hamish at the Bento masterclass at Willobridge once again.

Hamish loves cooking classes, and I truly feel that these sweet workshops held at Willobridge shopping centre offer the best quality and value for money.

This holiday we were given the opportunity to purchase a personalized Apron, which looks super adorable. We just need a personalised chef hat and my master chef is ready to take over my kitchen.

What is a Bento cake

Bento is the Japanese word meaning convenient and Bento Boxes, a type of lunch box, are used in Japan for carrying a single serving of food for lunch.

Interestingly, the Bento cake originated in the 12th century in Japan. Today, it is famous as the no-share new go-to cakes.

Bento cakes are 12x12cm and part of its popularity is that it looks like a whole cake but is designed as a single serving.

About the Masterclass

There’s always a lot of excitement when we attend these masterclasses.

The children chatter about excitedly as they get kitted out in an apron and disposable chef hat.

Once ready, they are led to their tables, which are perfectly set with two Cab foods, Bento cakes, 3 piping bags of icing, fondant,  sprinkles, and baking tools.

Then, the creation begins. The children are guided and assisted through the icing process, yet still left to create their own mini masterpieces.

This is Hamish’s second Bento Master class, and we will continue to book for him as he loves them.

We also noticed how much more confident he was this time around and how he applied the knowledge that he had gained from the first workshop about icing the cake and smoothing it to complete his new masterpiece.

His new cake looked amazing!

Some things to note: 

These are some of the things we’ve learnt attending the workshops.

  • Bookings must be done online and as soon as you see the advertising as these workshops sell out super fast.
  • All ingredients are Halal
  • We pre-ordered the apron and collected it on the day. This is not required, they do issue each child with a disposable apron and hat.
  • Although they offer wet wipes, we always take our own. Icing can get messy.
  • Expect your child to lick something … or in Hamish’s case eat half the sprinkles before putting any on his cake.
  • Dont require perfection. These are fun workshops where kids can get creative and express themselves.
  • You can accompany your child into the baking area and get photos but movement is limited and it’s important to be mindful of the other parents, children, and baking instructors. Yesterday, we had a well-meaning mommy, constantly bumping Hamish’s chair in her attempt to get photos of her children who were sitting on opposite sides of a table.

About the Masterclass workshop

The Bento Master workshops are held at the Willowbridge Kitchen from 10:00 – 14:00 for the school holidays. Bookings are open on Quicket.

These workshops are suitable for children age 3 – 12. Parents can stay with their children, which is one of the things I truly love about any Jellybean events activation.

The staff are beyond amazing and are always friendly, engaging with the children like little VIP.

Tickets cost R 100 per child and include:- 

  • 2 x Pre-Baked Vanilla Sponge Cakes (15 CM Each)
  • 3 x  pre-made icing piping bags in assorted colours
  • Disposable Apron
  • Disposable Chef Hat
  • Cake Decorations
  • Fondant Cake Topper Ingredients
  • Packaging

The sessions last for 45 minutes, however I find Hamish, who rushes most things, finishes in about 30 minutes.

You can pre-book your personalised apron on the Willobridge shopping centre website.

Every little chef needs to experience these workshops at least once.

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