Summer watermelon recipes for your kids

Loadshedding between 4- 6pm and needing to keep the kids hunger at bay until you can cook ?

Yet again I stood in my kitchen, knowing that Hamish was going to need a small snack between loadshedding and supper, but also not wanting to ruin his appetite.

I had just stocked up on some fresh fruit from Food Lovers and thought it a great idea to make these two fun ways to eat watermelon….

Watermelon lolly

You need one slice of watermelon cut into triangles & Ice cream sticks

I always cut the rind off as it is easier to cut a slit into the softer white flesh and place the lolly stick in.

These are great for smaller kids and so quick to make you could prep a few in a container for the kids to nibble on.

It is also great to freeze for an ice treat or to dip the top part into melted chocolate as a fun summer desert.

Watermelon pizza

I’ve seen a lot of variation to this but you could essentially build your watermelon pizza any way you would enjoy it.

You need a base – a thickly cut slice of watermelon

A spread to hold the fruit – here you could use yoghurt like I did, cottage or cream cheese,marscapone or for a sweet treat Nutella.

A topping – I use soft fruits like berries and bananas but you could also add seeds and nuts or dried fruit flakes.

Best served cold

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