Table painting: keep the kids busy on a rainy day

Yesterday it was pouring with rain and Hamish was bored with everything in the house.

I decided it was some time for Table painting.

Many years ago I flipped my dining room table over and turned it into a boat or a car or a bus for my older kids, but yesterday I turned our table into an easel.

Now, you don’t have to be as dramatic as me. You can use a kiddy table or a the legs of a chair.

What you need:

You will need:

  • Table
  • Clingfilm
  • Paint brush
  • Paint


To turn your table into an easel, turn over the table. You are going to start by wrapping cling film around the legs of the table.

I covered the top section of the table as well.

Open the paint and let your child’s imagination and creativity free.


Painting – Painting offers many benefits to your child and is a great activity to help teach concepts like numbers, colours and shapes.

Whilst painting your child is encouraged to use their imagination and develop their creativity.

Painting is also good for sensory development, fine motor skills, a means to express emotion and building self esteem.

Vertical painting – By allowing your child to paint on a vertical surface you encourage the natural crossing of the midline as their domibant hand moves from side to side and up and down to reach all points of the surface.

Vertical painting also improves visual attention and hand eye co-ordination.

Age recommended

This activity is recommended for all ages.

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