The beautiful bottoms club , spreading lingerie on everyone’s hips.

In today’s modern lifestyle with mom’s having very little time to themselves, the Beautiful Bottoms Club helps you shop for those delightful delicates.

This is the only subscription service discreetly delivering designer lingerie in South Africa.

Saving you both time and money while delivering you a gorgeous pair of panties each month, which are hand made in Cape Town.

Every month you receive a surprise design after you have selected your size (xs to xxl) and your style ( brief, thong or surprise me)

You can also shop here online for past pairs.

My pair

I was delighted to find a pair of Lingerie letters panties in our #instamamameet goody bag.

I couldn’t wait to open the luxurious package that was personalised to me.

Inside was a delicate little beige and black pair of panties and I fell in love with the place immediately.

Now, a little secret about me is that I absolutely love lingerie. The sexier the better.

I like to know underneath my messy bun, paint stained outfits and food wiped jeans I’m looking and feeling sexy and gorgeous.

The cut is comfortable and delicately soft. The style is one I would have personally chosen and the pattern is appealing.

The entire presentation was so exciting and luxurious that this would make an awesome gift for my daughter’s hen party later this year, or as a birthday gift.

Thank you Lingerie letters for this awesome spoil.


This product was gifted to Fun mamma S.A.

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