The benefits of painting with your children

Yesterday we went shopping and as part of our weekly essentials I popped a set of finger paints into our trolley.


Because not only is painting a large part of our week, there are also several benefits to letting your child explore their talents and express themselves through paint.

Benefits of painting with your children

  • Painting a picture can help a child to communicate their emotions and make sense of their world, events in their life or new experiences.
  • Through the use of colour a child can safely express how they are feeling without needing to communicate in words.
  • Painting offers an educatonal opportunity that is fun and exciting
  • While painting children develop their hand- eye coordination.
  • Painting also helps to develop mobility skills as children use their hands to hold the brush and make movements with their wrists.
  • Children learn to focus whilst painting.
  • Painting teaches children about textures, when using different paints, brushes and canvas or paper textures.
  • Painting also helps to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Children learn about colours and colour mixes as they create their paintings.
  • Painting assists in teaching critical aspects of the preschool curriculum like shapes, colours, sizes, patterns and design.
  • When painting your child is using decision making skills, deciding on which colours to use next, or what to paint where.
  • Painting can also form part of therapy to a child by helping them to express themselves and make sense of a situation or emotion by painting it and talking about the painting afterwards.
  • When you paint with your child you spend valuable time with them helping you to bond.

We paint at least once a week and I have taken to leaving all Hamish’s paints at his level so that he can choose to paint whenever he would like to.

How often do you paint together?

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  1. Oh this article came at the right time for me. Just last week I got some finger paint for Faith and funny enough, my next post on Insta will be about this.
    Thanks so much for this article Judy. So informative.


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