The legend of the Christmas spider : why we hang tinsel on our Christmas tree

It’s no lie that I’m a fan of spiders.

Somewhere between Charlotte’s Web and owning the cutest tarantula i developed a deep love and respect for these tiny arachnids.

And interestingly

Spiders are just as loved in the Christmas folktales of Germany and the Ukrain.

The legend of the Christmas spider

A long time ago a mother was increadibly busy cleaning her home, getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year. The day the Christ child came to bless the home.

She was so thorough that not a single corner was left uncleaned and even the little spiders has been banished from their cosy corner in the ceiling in her cleaning frenzy.

These spiders moved to the attic to keep safe.

At last, it was Christmas eve.

The beautiful Christmas tree was decorated, waiting for the children to see the delicate ornaments and shining lights.

The spiders were disheartened. They couldn’t see the lovely tree, nor would they be present when the Christ child visited.

Thd oldest and wisest spider suggested they perp through the crack of the door to have a look.

Very silently, they crept out the attic and down the stairs, all the way across the floor to the threshold in anticipation.

The door was ajar and the spiders, knowing how much they longed to see the beautifully lit tree, climbed onto the tree and examined every ornament as they walked from branch to branch.

Finally, they had seen each pretty thing and knew just how lovely the Christmas tree looked.


Everywhere the spiders had been was now full of shiny little spider webs. The whole tree was draped in the lightest of spider silk.

When the Christ child saw this he was dismayed. As much as he loved the spiders, as they are God’s creatures, he knew how hard the mother had worked at cleaning her home and how carefully she had trimmed the tree.

She certainly would not appreciate the spiders.

So, He gently touched the webs and turned them into sparkling and shimmering silver and gold threads.

From that day, it has been custom to hang tinsel in a Christmas tree and include a small spider in your decorations.

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