Things I’ve learnt in 30 years of parenting

I’ve been rocking this Motherhood gig for 30 years!
Nothing has been more rewarding and yet more challenging at the same time.
30 years of raising, teaching, and guiding my kids, and a few others along the way.
I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned along the way for all parents ….

1. Believe in yourself

You know your child, your home, and your journey best. Trust your gut ….you’ve got this!
And believe me. You’ll make a few mistakes along the way ….that’s OK! Get up, dust off, and do better.

2. Prioritize your time and to-do list

Not everything or everyone is of equal importance. Keep your time sacred and achieve what you can.
On a bad day …rest. You can start again tomorrow!

3. You are not a bad parent if you ask for or accept help.

None of us was born with Google knowledge. We all don’t have the same skill sets or abilities.
What comes easy to one parent may be hard for another. Remember a pro was once a beginner.

4. Self-care is vital

Even if it’s small moments. You can’t pour from an empty cup and your children deserve the best version of you, so look after yourself as well.

5. Don’t forget to play

Life is hard, don’t forget to play and inject some fun into the ordinary moments along the way.

6. Keep it simple

As parents we want the best, the biggest, and the nicest but truthfully kids are the most impressed with the simple most insignificant moments and things.
My kids remember not having a candle on a cake but don’t remember the expensive bicycles we bought and had to save for months for.

7. They will hate you at some stage

And that’s OK. Allow them the space to dislike you and give them the opportunity to understand your unconditional love through it.
A child is given only 1 set of parents but many friends. We are called to teach our kids the hard lessons and love them through it.
The most important thing to remember is that each of our Motherhood journeys is so different and along the way you will change, the kids will grow, and your home dynamics will alter …..
And throughout it all, you are enough, exactly as you are.
Happy Parenting

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