Tippie launches new baby and toddler board book series

Tippie readers are getting younger and younger!

Babies and toddlers are just as crazy about the beloved little elephant, Tippie, which is why the authors decided to create board books especially for little fingers.

This series is full of colourful illustrations, funny characters, and stories that will make both toddlers and parents giggle with pleasure.

Written in both Afrikaans and English, this cute new series will addresses all the things that are important for babies and toddlers early development – pets, colours, opposites, numbers, and sounds. It’s an ideal way to teach your toddler in an exciting and and funny way.

Why are board books important for early child development?

🐘 Most board books focus on a specific concept, such as colours or shapes.

🐘 The books explain fundamental ideas for young children, thereby enhancing their comprehension of the world.

🐘 Board books allow toddlers to identify letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and other elements, contributing to the development of these particular skills.

What will Tippie be teaching your little one?

In Tippie’s first book of pets, toddlers will join Tippie on his quest to find the perfect pet, while they also learn about shapes. Tippie gets to choose from a group of zany animals – from an oval pony that loves eating macaroni to a star-eyed guinea pig with a wig! Tippie and these funny animals will entertain your little one while teaching them about different types of pets.

Tippie’s first book of colours is a rainbow explosion of emotions! Each page is bursting with bright colours and typical toddler emotions. Your toddler will learn to identify colours while enjoying a journey of emotions through a world of red, green, yellow, blue, and more.

Join Tippie and Robin as they explore the world in a whole new way in Tippie’s first book of opposites! With hilarious antics and plenty of laughter, this charming story is sure to delight both children and adults alike. It’s a great way to introduce your little one to the concept of opposites while keeping them entertained with silly antics.

In Tippie’s first book of numbers, numbers come alive in a riotous romp through a world of sleepover counting. Tippie and four of his little friends have a slumber party and will have your little one laughing and learning as they explore the world of numbers from 1-5.

Last but not least, Tippie’s first book of sounds is a hilarious journey through a variety of everyday sounds. Your baby will learn about different types of sounds while giggling along with the silly characters. Join in the fun as Gramps wins the prize for the loudest sneeze, while Robin is giggling because Tippie is wearing his undies on his head. Can you guess the sound that Tippie makes when he drinks his juice too fast? Who knew that learning about sounds could be so much fun?

Who wrote these baby board books?

With years of experience in teaching children who have difficulties with reading, spelling, and learning, José Palmer and Reinette Lombard teamed up with Dr Nandi Lessing-Venter to co-author a series of books for babies and toddlers.

Nandi is a researcher in the field of children’s literature, who has a particular interest in the role of humour in motivating reluctant readers. Through her research and experience, she has been advocating for the use of humour in children’s books as a means of engaging and captivating young readers.

The Tippie’s First Book of… series is a practical application of her research, aimed at teaching fundamental concepts in a fun and engaging way through the use of humour.


Information supplied by Lapa kinder en Jeug boeke

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