Travel tips with fun mamma SA

We recently enjoyed a wonderful family road trip from Cape Town to Zululand and back.

15 days

4 provinces

5500 kms

68 hours in total in the car ( without anyone losing their cool)

I love travelling and these are some of my best travel tips ….

1. Loadshedding
Most establishments will supply you with their Loadshedding schedules. But it is always good to carry a torch and power bank with you.

2. Self catering
This is usually the cheapest way to stay however always check what is supplied?  Know ahead of time if you need to  supply your linen, towels, toiletries, etc

3. Water
We always carry bottled water with. Some areas have water that we may not be used to or that may not be safe to drink. Also ask about local water supplies, if the town is going through a drought use water sparingly.

4. Electricity
We simply can not live without our phones or laptops so take an exstention and your double adapters with when you pack your chargers. The exstention allows you to put a charger closer to you if the plug points are far away.

5. Coffee
I don’t travel without my own cooler box full of coffee, sugar and milk. If the facility offers coffee it’s not normally more than one or two cups per night and I need two in the morning lol. I actually have 2 travel mugs that go with us as well to make for on the road. A travel kettle is next on my wish list.

6. Gas
Most self catering accomadations offer gas stoves. Know how to work these and where to switch them off.

7. Medical
Always Google check where the hospital is in a new town. Carry a small medicine case ready for cuts, bruises and basic illness.

8. Safety
Be vigilant. Remember that you are on holiday others aren’t. Watch where you put valuables, lock your car and doors, don’t go off alone and don’t stop in dark spots at night. Keep family updated as to where you are, arrival dates, etc

9. Comfort
Brent travels with his own pillow to sleep better. Hamish brings his duvette and Teddies and I pack in my travel hair dryer. A little comfort item goes a long way when you are away from home.

10. Money
As a rule we don’t travel with cash. We use card or cashless payments.  However many small towns don’t have banks and even fewer have ATM machines. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and keep cash to tip guides, Rangers, waiters, car guards or purchase an item from a roadside stall.

What would you add to this list? 




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