Using toy cars for name recognition

Hamish absolutely loves his cars and when I first saw this idea on @homeschoolingideas I knew it would be an activity that he would enjoy.

We recycled our Beacon easter egg box to make the parking garage and it took only a few minutes to set up.

I started the activity with him building his wooden name puzzle and revising the letters that make up his name.

He then identified each letter taped onto the cars and drove each car into the parking space that corresponded with the letter taped onto the top of the car.

To make your own you will need:

  • Cardboard box
  • A toy car for each letter of your child’s name
  • Stickers or paper to tape on
  • Marker
  • Ruler

To make

Inside the box write your child’s name and divide each letter with a line to resemble a parking space.

Stick letters onto each car. One car per letter of your child’s name. I used paper to write letters with a marker and then taped them on with tape.

To play

Have your child tell you the letters on top of the car and drive them in to the correct parking spaces.

If your child does not know how to read their name yet or how to spell it, build confidence by letting them match the letters in any order.

Once your child can read and spell their name have them drive the cars in from left to right in sequence.

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