Why you should let your child play with water

As a young mom with 4 young children, I remember my grandmother telling me if my children were bored, crabby, or just in general needing something to do ….to add water. Her parenting go-to was a bubble bath, a tub of water with half the kitchen cupboards utensils, or a garden hose.
She was not wrong.
Children love water and playing with water has many benefits for children.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Play?

So why do children enjoy playing with water and how does it benefit them?

  • Water Play Releases Energy
Children enjoy playing with water and water can be both calming or invigorating depending on the activity your child is engaging in. Vigorous splashing, kicking, and running around in the water is a great way for children to use up that endless supply of energy, whilst, pouring water from one container to another can be soothing and calming helping a child to calm down.
  • Water Play is Emotionally Therapeutic
Water play isn’t always loud and busy, it can also be a tranquil activity where children are quietly absorbed in an activity. Children benefit from these relaxing and repetitive activities. Things like scooping, pouring and running their hands through the water which allows children to unwind, order their thoughts and relax.
  • Water Play Develops Motor SkillsĀ 
Water play allows for many opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills as your child plays. They use fine motor skills to grasp containers and larger motor skills for movement as they splash and run their hands through the water.
  • Water Play Develops Social Skills
Water play also offers many opportunities for children to develop the social skills they need when playing with other children. It is a great way for children to learn how to share and take turns as they share their physical space and the play items in the water.
So, if your little one is bored, crabby, or looking for something to do …why not grab some water, some water toys or containers and enjoy some water play?

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