Why your child needs a balance board

Hamish received the most stunning balance board from Pips and moo

The quality of Pips and Moo products is outstanding and it is so beautifully presented in a lovely wooden storage box.
Did you know …
Coordination & balance are essential parts of child development.


Balance allows children to do everyday activities safely and with ease and allows for fewer injuries.
Children take risks each day when they are climbing stairs, and walking along surfaces that are unsteady. A child that has good balance & coordination skills will be less likely to injure themselves when they are attempting new tasks.

Balance also helps in the development of social and emotional skills
Developing these skills allows children to build confidence in their ability to do things, therefore building and encouraging independence.

Balance & coordination skills assist your child in academics and learning.
Children need movement and should not be sitting all day.  Learning balance from a young age allows children to comfortably sit with the correct posture and be able to complete academic tasks like writing, with ease.

Developing these skills early on in childhood is so important for your child’s development. A balance board allows your child to discover movement and balance in a safe environment.

You can use a Pips and Moo balance board in small living spaces to encourage movement as we do in our flat. take it outside for some gross motor playtime or add it to an obstacle course. balance boards can also be used in a classroom as an alternative seating at circle time in preschool or for brain breaks in older grades.

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