Word games to play online

As a writer I love words.

Words play a huge role in every aspect of my life, from expressing myself to earning my living, I thrive on playing with words so it comes as no surprise that I would rather use words as well.
One way for me to use words to relax is to play word games.
Many Years ago I would buy big thick word search books, puzzle activity books, or grab the Sunday newspaper and my mother’s magazines in hopes to do a crossword or word search.
My favorite was always the games where I needed to try to place the words given into the empty shapes. I would spend hours figuring out the correct words and how they interconnected with each other to fit perfectly. Then armed with a dictionary I would find the words I didn’t know and learn their meaning, pronunciation, and how to use them. Often, I would end the puzzle with an armor of new words for my vocabulary.
Today, however, I work online and when I need a brain break I often choose an online game.
It seems the more sustainable option as we are not using an unlimited paper source to print on and it is more economical as once you find a safe and secure website to play games on, it is rewarding to have an endless supply of games and puzzles to keep you busy.
Playing word games is not only relaxing but it keeps your mind stimulated and grows your vocabulary. I can’t think of better reasons to spend my spare time doing a crossword.

Word games to play

With this in mind, I went in search of a good, safe website to find word games in that I would enjoy playing.
That is how I recently stumbled upon a really great online Game website
that has a host of games and in that selection is a list of word games for me to choose from.
Games like :
  • A daily crossword which has a new puzzle each day
  • A daily letter logic game that is a fun crossword without clues. You are given a letter randomly placed and need to fill the list of words in the empty spaces.
  • A daily Word search for you to complete new 12 x12, 14 x 14, or 16 x 16 puzzles each day
  • A daily wordoku which is similar to Sudoko only uses words. I struggle with this game, but it should be noted I’m not very good at Sodoko either. When the puzzle is completed your word is made diagonally.
  • A letter scramble. In this game, letters are scrambled and you have to make as many words as you can before the time is up.
┬áMy favorites are the letter scramble, there’s something about a deadline that I enjoy and I love trying to beat the clock as I make as many words as I can.
I also really enjoy the daily word searches. The word search often has words I am not familiar with and learning these new words for me is half the challenge.
I would recommend these games to anyone who loves to play with words, wants to keep their mind busy, or who needs to improve their English, vocabulary, and spelling.
I play them on my Android mobile phone which I turn sideways, however, the word search is best played on the laptop as I find the screen bigger and the game easier to navigate.
Which is your favorite word game?

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