10 reflections from lockdown ….day 1 : Hope

I love the idea from Lisa Steffen to document 10 reflections from lockdown.

One each day

Day 1 …. Hope

We watched as China suffered from a silent virus killing so many, then slowly we saw how Italy fell ill and before we knew it, our land went under lockdown.

But all around us there was hope!

Beautiful symbols of rainbows showing that no matter how hard the uncertain days ahead would be, no matter our cultures, our race, our language or social standing we all just wanted to hold onto the hope of a better tomorrow.

Children painting rainbows, drawing on sidewalks and putting teddy’s in the windows.

Hope held those who lost jobs, were parted from friends and family and suffered the hardships of having no food, no home, no future.

Hope comforted those who were sick.

Hope showed us how to be brave for our children and slow down to set examples in an instant gradifaction society.

Mostly Hope reminded people to be kinder. To be gentle with others, to look out got those who had forgotten to smile and to share our hope with those who had lost hope.

Hope said …..

Be brave ! Be kind! This too shall pass!