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How to replace your Covid vaccination card or EVDS number

With the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa and the mass rollout of free vaccination, has come the need for people to have their vaccination card ( or passport) on them to enter premises, apply for jobs and use in their medical records.

EVDS numbers and why they are important

Individuals who are vaccinated are issued an Electronic Vaccination Data System ( EVDS) number and a hard copy vaccination card.
The 12 digit EVDS number is also referred to as a vaccination code and should not be confused with the vaccine batch number issued when you are vaccinated. After your vaccination this number is sent to you via SMS.
The EVDS number is needed to access your online vaccine certificate.

Digital vaccine certificate

South Africa is in the process of releasing digital vaccine certificates.
These certificates will be used as proof of vaccination,to facilitate any future travel and gaining access to establishments and events.
The guidelines used on the South African digital vaccine card align with those issued in August by the World Health Organisation. ( WHO)
This certificate can be downloaded as a PDF with a scanable QR code.

How to get your digital vaccine certificate

To obtain your certificate you will need to supply the following
Identity number ( a passport or asylum seeker number can also be used)
  • Personal details
  • Cell phone number linked when sent your EVDS number.
  • And the one time pin (OTP) that will be sent to your cell phone. This OTP will be used to access your digital vaccine certificate.

How to replace a lost EVDS number or vaccination card.

If you have lost your EVDS number or your vaccination card you can replace them in the following way.
You will need to return to your vaccination site with your identity document and they can check for you.
Once you have been located on the system your information attached to your identity number will show. You will be able to see if you have been vaccinated, when and which which vaccine. You will also have access to your EVDS number.
The vaccination center after verifying your data can then issue you with a replacement card.
If you however have your vaccination card and only need your EVDS number you can clothe Health department’s Covid-19 hotline and request it.
The number is 0800 029 999
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Krazi Awsum pandemic Tees

Krazi Awsum gifts and goodies recently launched their online gift shop with a fabulous line of keepsake Tshirts that perfectly depicts life in a pandemic.

The superior quality Tshirts are avaliable in sizes for the whole family making them suitable for fun photoshoots.

This range, which uses the slogan #shareaslogan,would also suit bloggers wanting to express themselves, parents looking for unique gift options and to keep in a time capsule.

Pandemic range

The range comprises of the following designs :

1. My first Pandemic

2. Quarantine and chill

3. I stayed home 2020

4. Stay homie

5. Lockdown survivor

6. Wash your hands

7. Straight outta isolation

8. Most dramatic season ever

9. This is my quarantine shirt

10. Stronger together 2020

11. You matter

12. Homeschool 2020


The Tshirt prices are affordable and compare well to other brands.

Krazi Awsum gifts and goodies also offer the option of personalised prints should you wish a custom design.

Order your Tshirt today and share a slogan.

Facebook : Krazi Awsum gifts & goodies

Instagram: @KraziAwsum

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Moving journal ….Part 1: Why we chose to move during lockdown

Somewhere in the middle of May I decided to look at the availability of houses to suit us in Kommetjie.

Now, those of you who have followed us for a while will know that I loved our little apartment in Tableview and although we’ve been on a month to month lease for 4 of the 5 years we lived there, I never actually saw myself moving.

About our flat

Brent and I moved into this little apartment with one of my sons when we were still dating and in the 5 years we were there,the flat has accommodated my whole family.

Somehow this little 2 bedroom flat was big enough.

It had the worst guest bathroom and each winter we would meet the new mice inhabitants,but I loved our little space.

The garden was teeny and the stairs scared me while Hamish learnt to crawl and walk but it was home.

I painted a feature wall with magnetic paint and we filled the house with vinyl murals and mismatched photo frames that spoke of our diversity as a family.

Last year the neighbours pipes burst and we had severe mould and the wall up our stair case started peeling off. But still I was happy.

I felt safe.

I had no plans to move for the next 2 or 3 years.

So why move?

In the same week that we heard of major building that would take place behind us and affect our current flat with regards to noise and neighbours, we were knee deep in Covid-19 lockdowns and my youngest daughter decided to move to her dad to be homeschooled instead of continue at the high school she was at, as there are other teens homeschooling in the home as well.

My older sons, who had needed to stay with us to get on their feet,were now all living away from home and I just woke up one morning tired of the four walls that restricted us.

I’d been feeling very nostalgic for the same upbringing my older children had for Hamish and wanted a space for him to be able to play outside and interact with nature on a daily basis.

I did not want to continue to bring my adventure loving little boy up behind brick walls.

With us choosing homeschooling for the younger children, this opened up the opportunity for us to look at moving further out.

But Komnetjie is so far

Brent and I had been talking about a move to Kommetjie for 4 years…. you know that ” one day when I’m rich” type of conversation.

We had visited friends out here a number of times and each time it felt like home.

If not …why not?

Just to see the house rental prices I went onto the first agents website that came up in a Google search.

I did not actually expect to find anything near our price range. But I found 2 suitable places.

The first one was already gone and the other never got back to us until after we had actually moved.

In between other agents mentioned a house for rental that we should look at and I fell in love…..

From the very first moment, before I had time to explore the inside if the house, I knew …this was home.

It is perfect. The correct size, spacious with cupboards for days and bathrooms to die for. The kitchen is well built and most importantly there is a huge yard with trees and flowers and rocks and mud for Hamish to play in.

Best of all …it was cheaper than our previous rental.

We had started looking at houses on Wednesday, by Saturday we had driven out to Kommetjie and were ready to sign a lease and start a new journey.

Part 2 : our move

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Reflections from lockdown…Day 5 : wholesome

Reflections from lockdown

Day 5 ….wholesome

All around the world, as people stayed home to stay safe, our fast food services closed and restaurants were forced to stop…. we needed to feed ourselves.

People were reminded of the wholesomeness of baking their own bread.

The fun of making a loaf of banana bread or trying a new muffin recipe.

People cooked for their families and women started WhatsApp recipe swops remincent of their grandmother’s days.

We learnt to rely on our own skills, perfect those we were lacking and try new ideas to sustain our homes.

But mostly,

With a virus threatening us all …young, old, rich, poor, black and white …. we were reminded to stay humble, to embrace the wholesomeness of life and enjoy the simpler things in life.

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Reflections from lockdown….Day 4 : Family

Reflections from lockdown

Day 4 ….family

With the very real threat of danger to our loved ones, people turned to family.

Forced to spend time together, many homes once again ate dinner together, played games and spend time in each others company instead of being preoccupied by the business of life.

Many people were separated from loved ones, unable to see them.

But, people are innovative and adaptable ….and made hundreds of new ways to connect with those they missed. From zoom dance parties with the grandparents to WhatsApp calls to an aunt.

Covid-19 reminded us to focus on the things that are important, the things that matter the most and hold dear that which we fear losing……

Our families

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10 Reflections from Lockdown … Day 3 : Superheroes

Reflections from lockdown

Day 3 …. Superheroes

While the world sang praises to our essential workers and sent memes reminding is our ancestors fought wars and all we needed to do was learn patience, brave the uncertain and stay at home, our children showed us how to be superheroes.

Many far too young to understand the severity of Covid-19 suddenly unable to work school, play with friends, see family members.

Their little lives and routines were abruptly shattered as they continued with childlike enthusiasm and drew pictures, crafted to keep busy, took zoom meetings and now adjusted to a virtual life in their stride.

Their bravery, adaptability and joy often reminded us, the big people, that we too could endure this pandemic.




A few mothers got together to applaud the children ….

These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they’ve ever known in their lives.Their whole worlds have literally been turned upside down. All these rules they’ve never known. A life they couldn’t have imagined. Adults talking about others becoming ill, news reporting death after death. Our poor children’s minds must be racing.

Every day they get up and remain resilient.

So here’s to our little heroes: today, tomorrow, forever 💞

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10 Reflections from lockdown … Day 2- Memories

Reflections from lockdown

Day 2 …. Memories

As a society we rush to get everything done in a day, we snap a quick photo upload to the gram and file it away to remember 20 years from now.

But lockdown forced us to stop!

It filed busy away and made us all once again prioritise family, friends and nature.

We became memory keepers. Journaling, recording, photographing and using the arts to express ourselves. To keep safe the memories we want to preserve.

We once again placed value on the important things and instead of facebook feeds full of material status enhancers, friends shared their families, their lives and their talents.

Words of gratitude, deeds of kindness and acts of love.

These …these are the memories I want to hold on to 💞

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10 reflections from lockdown ….day 1 : Hope

I love the idea from Lisa Steffen to document 10 reflections from lockdown.

One each day

Day 1 …. Hope

We watched as China suffered from a silent virus killing so many, then slowly we saw how Italy fell ill and before we knew it, our land went under lockdown.

But all around us there was hope!

Beautiful symbols of rainbows showing that no matter how hard the uncertain days ahead would be, no matter our cultures, our race, our language or social standing we all just wanted to hold onto the hope of a better tomorrow.

Children painting rainbows, drawing on sidewalks and putting teddy’s in the windows.

Hope held those who lost jobs, were parted from friends and family and suffered the hardships of having no food, no home, no future.

Hope comforted those who were sick.

Hope showed us how to be brave for our children and slow down to set examples in an instant gradifaction society.

Mostly Hope reminded people to be kinder. To be gentle with others, to look out got those who had forgotten to smile and to share our hope with those who had lost hope.

Hope said …..

Be brave ! Be kind! This too shall pass!

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Getting ready for level 3 lockdown with a pre-packed Covid-19 family pack

Getting our home ready for level 3 was increadibly important to me. Almost more so, than with the earlier part of lockdown as we would now be venturing out more, business and schools would be back and life needed to resume a new level of normality.

Knowing that, I looked around to try find the best products for my family to be safe.

I came across these pre packed family packs from the digital port.

The family pack consists of :

  • 1l sanitizer
  • 3x 250ml sanitizer
  • 3x 50ml sanitizer spray bottles
  • 20x disposable masks
  • and 20x disposable gloves

Everything I need to keep my family safe in a box delivered to my doorstep, without the fuss of running around to find the items we need.

With so many other things to concentrate on, buying a pre-packaged hygiene kit allowed me to feel just that little bit more ready for our new normal during this pandemic.

This Proudly South African company also offer Covid-19 compliant:-

  • Back to School packs
  • Back to Work packs
  • Sanitising tunnels
  • Step dispensers
  • Quality sanitizer, avaliable in various sizes
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • and Face Screens.

For more information contact :
083 678 1067

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Where to buy good quality masks

With South Africa making the declaration that face masks are compulsory to be worn if you leave the home, I’ve compiled a list of face mask companies you can trust.

Masks we use

For Hamish

We personally use masks from Love Sojo for Hamish.The masks are double layer and have a reusable spunbound filter.You can pop in a soft pipe cleaner or paper clip to secure over the nose of the adult masks, especially if you wear glasses to prevent fogging.

For my adult family and teens

For the adults in our home we bought in bulk from Undeez and they are well sewn and breathable.These masks are washable, with elastic for a comfortable fit and come in adult and child sizes.They also offer a multi functional tube mask.

For family in Durban

I ordered for my sisters family in Durban from Tammy who delivered wonderful masks for my nephews and sister.These material facemasks are reuseable, washable and thick.You can order a single elastic for a comfortable fit or a double Eeastic for around the ears.They also offer a 4 Ribbon option to tighten as you see fit or extended Material tie backs to ensure you are comfortable wearing your mask.

Other brands I personally would trust to deliver a superior quality would be :

1. Oggi Activewear2.Mimelia Kid’s Boutique3.Noochie Kids Wear

Masks that support a good cause

1. Husky RescueThese masks sell at R150 each2. Cape of Good Hope SPCA3. The Station on BreeFor every donation of R100 to their staff fund you recieve a free mask.There are so many amazing brands selling masks that I’ve not listed.I’d love to hear from you in the comments, who have I missed out.