How to replace your Covid vaccination card or EVDS number

With the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa and the mass rollout of free vaccination, has come the need for people to have their vaccination card ( or passport) on them to enter premises, apply for jobs and use in their medical records.

EVDS numbers and why they are important

Individuals who are vaccinated are issued an Electronic Vaccination Data System ( EVDS) number and a hard copy vaccination card.
The 12 digit EVDS number is also referred to as a vaccination code and should not be confused with the vaccine batch number issued when you are vaccinated. After your vaccination this number is sent to you via SMS.
The EVDS number is needed to access your online vaccine certificate.

Digital vaccine certificate

South Africa is in the process of releasing digital vaccine certificates.
These certificates will be used as proof of vaccination,to facilitate any future travel and gaining access to establishments and events.
The guidelines used on the South African digital vaccine card align with those issued in August by the World Health Organisation. ( WHO)
This certificate can be downloaded as a PDF with a scanable QR code.

How to get your digital vaccine certificate

To obtain your certificate you will need to supply the following
Identity number ( a passport or asylum seeker number can also be used)
  • Personal details
  • Cell phone number linked when sent your EVDS number.
  • And the one time pin (OTP) that will be sent to your cell phone. This OTP will be used to access your digital vaccine certificate.

How to replace a lost EVDS number or vaccination card.

If you have lost your EVDS number or your vaccination card you can replace them in the following way.
You will need to return to your vaccination site with your identity document and they can check for you.
Once you have been located on the system your information attached to your identity number will show. You will be able to see if you have been vaccinated, when and which which vaccine. You will also have access to your EVDS number.
The vaccination center after verifying your data can then issue you with a replacement card.
If you however have your vaccination card and only need your EVDS number you can clothe Health department’s Covid-19 hotline and request it.
The number is 0800 029 999

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