Lunch on a Pirate Ship BY Caryl Hart & Kristina Stephenson

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Title : Lunch on a pirate ship

Author: Caryl Hart

Illustrator: Kristina Stephenson

Publisher: Simon &  Schuster

This story caught Hamish’s attention immediately. Not only is Jack a redhead but he also loves pirates and toys and wild adventures.

Follow little Jack as he sets off on an exciting quest to find the perfect lunch after his chips were cold and his baked beans crunched.

Jack hastily explains that he would rather have lunch on a pirate ship and so begins a journey where he sails the seven seas with a pirate crew, explores deep dark caves, meets a giant eating cold green slime, and races through the forest to discover a table filled with cupcakes and ice cream.

While it looks like his dream of the perfect lunch has come true, Jack is about to discover the hidden danger under the mountain. Will he escape?

A wonderful story that was written to enchant your young adventurer’s mind from the first page. The illustrations are brilliant and bring each page to life.

I loved this book as much as Hamish did.


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Recommended age: 3-8 years

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