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Getting ready for level 3 lockdown with a pre-packed Covid-19 family pack

Getting our home ready for level 3 was increadibly important to me. Almost more so, than with the earlier part of lockdown as we would now be venturing out more, business and schools would be back and life needed to resume a new level of normality.

Knowing that, I looked around to try find the best products for my family to be safe.

I came across these pre packed family packs from the digital port.

The family pack consists of :

  • 1l sanitizer
  • 3x 250ml sanitizer
  • 3x 50ml sanitizer spray bottles
  • 20x disposable masks
  • and 20x disposable gloves

Everything I need to keep my family safe in a box delivered to my doorstep, without the fuss of running around to find the items we need.

With so many other things to concentrate on, buying a pre-packaged hygiene kit allowed me to feel just that little bit more ready for our new normal during this pandemic.

This Proudly South African company also offer Covid-19 compliant:-

  • Back to School packs
  • Back to Work packs
  • Sanitising tunnels
  • Step dispensers
  • Quality sanitizer, avaliable in various sizes
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • and Face Screens.

For more information contact :
083 678 1067

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Memories from my grandmother – how grandparents can keep the connection during lockdown

My memories of the times I spent withmy grandmother are amongst my most precious memories.

My gran

She was my first cheerleader, always encouraging my wild ideas and crazy artworks.

She ate ice cream with me for breakfast, taught me to play the piano and as I grew older passed on her parenting wisdom as she helped to rock my fussy teething baby at night.

We were incredibly close and I spent many holidays with her as a child.

As an adult we shared a home for a time and in her last days I was privileged to have her singing to my children, telling them the wild tales of her youth.

When we were apart

During our time, there were times where I travelled or moved away. Times where she lived away from us and where, in the time before technology made it easier to connect, that we would write snail mail letters, send post cards or phone each other almost daily.

This led me to think about how many grandparents are missing their grandchildren right now and how many grandchildren wish they could be with a grandparent making new memories.

How can grandparents connect with their grandchildren when apart?

So, how can grandparents connect with their grandchildren during social distancing or lockdown.

Here are some of my favourite ways …..

1. Phone calls – phone calls allow your grandchild to hear your voice. With technology we can connect worldwide through Skype, facetime and whatsapp video calls, allowing you to see and converse with even the smallest child.

2. Leave messages on social media – most older children, tweens and teens, have their own social media profiles so leaving them quick messages or commenting on their photos allows them to stay connected with you.

3. Leave voice notes – much like the postcards of yesteryear, a voice note is a quick message to say I love you and was thinking of you.

4. Take photos and send them with a memory. For example a picture of a cake you made that you know is your grandchild favourite with a message saying I thought of you. Or send an activity you’ve seen they may enjoy.

5. Bond -Take an online class together or both watch a live stream. Then call after and discuss what you both liked from it.

6. Create a scrapbook to give to your grandchild after lockdown.

This could incude-

  • Photos
  • Memories of your own childhood
  • Memories of your grandchild
  • Family tree
  • Favourite recipes
  • A list of things you want to do with them

Technology has made staying connected a lot easier than it was twenty years ago, so grandparents can now stay in touch and see their grandchildren even if they cant hug them close right now.

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Prayer for a pandemic

As we end our third week of lockdown, I wanted to share this beautiful poem I came across.

Prayer for a pandemic

– Camren Wiggins Bellim

May we who are mearly inconvenienced

Remember those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no risk factors

Remember those most vulnerable.

May we who have the luxury of working from home

Remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent.

May we who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close

Remember those who have no options.

May we who have to cancel our trips

Remember those who have no place to go.

May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult if the economic market

Remember those who have no margin at all.

May we who settle in for quarantine at home

Remember those who have no home.

During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other,

Let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbours.


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28 free resources to help your children understand Coronavirus

With the Covid-19 pandemic interrupting our children’s school year, normal life routine and ability to play with their friends they obviously have many questions.

So many of our children may have heard us talk about this deadly virus that is keeping us home and making us sanitise everything , and whilst we may have explained to them, they may still be anxious, worried, fearful or not fully understanding of the virus.

In light of this I compiled a list of 28 free resources to help your children understand Coronavirus and how to stay healthy during these times.


  1. Hand washing printable from Parent24
  2. What is Coronavirusby National Geographic kids
  3. A wide range of resources on germs from Scholastic
  4. Printable posters in several African languages by SA organisation from The Good news guy

Books, stories and comics

  1. Free Covid-19 comic by Elise Gravel
  2. Coronavirus – a social story from
  3. Kids reading and pdf colouring book about Coronavirusby Malia jones
  4. Hello ! I’m s virusby Manuela Cruz from Parent24
  5. Colouring in bookfrom St Jude together website
  6. Q is for quarantine- the ABC’s of Coronavirus a colouring in book by Brian & Gordon
  7. H is for handwashing by Sesame Street
  8. What is Coronavirus and how you can play your part to help the community activity book by Moments a day
  9. Shubert and Sophie stay home story by Concious Discipline
  10. Why I cant go to school story by Concious Discipline


  1. Daily schedule from Just a mamma
  2. Toddler schedule from Busy toddler
  3. Positive posters by Squidoodle
  4. Colouring page from playing and learning
  5. Wordsearch
  6. Journal pages to remember this time by letgrow
  7. How to wash your hands videowith Beebee
  8. My healthy week printable to help your children chart their good habits by Sesame street
  9. Free Afrikaans Coronavirus colouring poster by Hero in my hood
  10. Free English Coronavirus colouring poster by Hero in my hood
  11. How to make a Tippy tap by Hero in my hood
  12. Covid-19 time capsule printablesby Long Creations
  13. How to teach young children about germs resource pack by Mother Goose Time

Do you have any other resources we could add to this list ? Let me know in the comments below.