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This year Santa shoebox are amplifying your impact by including a second storybook in each Virtual Santa Shoebox for the beneficiary child to give to someone they love, an uplifting lesson in sharing, all too often out of reach for underprivileged children.

From Mandela Day on 18 July, choose your Virtual Santa Shoebox beneficiary children by name, age and gender, select the items to be included in your Shoebox and write the child a personalised note – we’ll do the rest for you!

Pledge a Virtual Santa Shoebox

67-minutes once a year is simply not enough – let us commit to practicing empathy year-round by uplifting and empowering an underprivileged child.

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Cricut South Africa launches the make it forward initiative

Cricut South Africa are proud to announce this amazing campaign – Inspired by YOU, our members, our community, our family and the generosity of giving back, the true spirit of South Africans
What if a simple project, like giving a special box; full of surprises, could make a child’s day truly special?
If one project can spur that much joy, imagine what hundreds of projects can do. That’s why Cricut South Africa wanted to Make It Forward by launching the Cricut Crate Shoebox Project


And to continue the celebration Cricut South Africa will be awarding 5 lucky members for the next 6 weeks each week with a mystery box.
All you need to do is take a photo of your box made inside the store you are dropping it off at and post it on the group using #makeitforward and tag both Cricut as well as the relevant retail store.
***NB: Participating and selected retail stores will only start accepting boxes from Wednesday the 13th of July***

What to put in your boxes

Decorate a shoe box ( or similar sized box) for a child for Christmas.
Fill the box with :
  • An item of clothing
  • Stationary
  • Soap
  • Face cloth
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Stationary
  • Small toy / book
  • Sweets

Where to drop off your boxes

PNA – Colour your World
Incredible Connection
Waltons South Africa
Rectron South Africa
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Where to gift your childs pre-loved schoolbags

Many of us rush out just before school starts to buy our children new school bags and either toss last year’s one into a cupboard or out in the trash.
However, many parents clean an old bag, stitch broken handles, or honestly just simply can not afford a new bag for their children for the school year. These parents would welcome your childrens gently used pre-loved school bags.

How you can help

Moms you can make a difference this year by supporting the“I’ve got your bag!” initiative. This is a school bag donation drive to get bags to less privileged children in South Africa.

Because the harsh reality is that the majority of children in under-resourced communities are walking kilometers every day, just to get to school. They don’t have bags to carry their books in and are using plastic packets to hold their school lunches, books and stationary. We all know how heavy school bags can be. With you donating your old school bags you could help a child in need, that will last a long time.
Simply bring those previously loved bags, and Hands of Love will distribute them to those in need.
The only stipulation is that you please ensure that bags are cleaned before.

Dropoff point

If you live in Cape Town and would like to donate your school bag to someone who could really use it, these are the locations where you can drop them off.
If you are a school and would like to participate either by donating or collecting school bags, please send an email to
Drop off points: 
1. Curro Century City High School
 Socrates Way, Century City
2. HTS Bellville Technical High School
Corner of College and Strand road
Labiance, Bellville
Visit for more infomation
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Give the gift of reading this festive season with Cadbury’s IN OUR OWN WORDS initiative

Experts agree that a culture and love of reading is sparked when children recognise themselves in stories and, even more so, when these are written in their mother tongue.  As only 2% of children’s books published commercially in South Africa are written in local African languages*, the Cadbury In Our Own Words initiative (introduced in May) aims to continue changing this by igniting a love for reading amongst the next generation.

In Our Own Words is a rallying cry, a call to action to help co-author a collection of locally crafted children’s stories in all South African languages. These are made easily accessible through the Cadbury In Our Own Words digital library.

This year, Cadbury is creating the perfect pairing of its delicious Festive range with enchanting storytelling and is once again offering South Africans an opportunity to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of reading.

The continuation of the In Our Own Words initiative will enable South Africans to give the gift of words to help co-author festive children’s stories that showcase a truly South African season. The stories crafted over this period will celebrate our traditions and reflect what makes our festive season special and of course, these stores will be available in all African languages for children to enjoy.

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Give a gift box with Playalot

This , Playalot, are building a with ! With they will an under-privileged child with a , that will give them the same your child gets when you spoil them with gifts.

Playalot , filled with one of each of the below necessities (that we all take for granted). Just drop your off in reception on your next visit to our park. You may also donate R200 through the till and we will shop & wrap on your behalf.


1️⃣   Send a WhatsApp to Chantel on requesting the details of your very own    . This way you know the name/age/sex of the child that will receive your gift.

2️⃣   Fill the box with your goodies (Estimated cost – R200) and wrap/label.

3️⃣   Deliver to Playalot. Enjoy a deeeelicious coffee while the kids play.



 Face cloth




Clothing item

*         ,          –     *

Playalot filled a from @PEP (for a 6-year-old girl called Miché) and paid only R185. The perfect !

Playalot are all about recycling and suggest that you go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes, just so that you have a box for your project.

 Do not have a ?

@box-itbrackenfell sells boxes, starting from R10.

021 981 3008 |

 Unit 5 Sandpiper Crescent, N1 Okavango Park, Brackenfell


 Donations close on at 5pm on 30 November 2021.

 Please wrap and label your  with your allocated name.

Should you have any questions, chat to us on WhatsApp

(087 138 7529) or email

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Wear It Wild With WWF

Each year, the WWF champions the Wear It Wild campaign, a campaign that aims to raise much-needed funds to assist with nature and wildlife conservation.

The campaign is a fun experience where participants dress up as their favourite animal and are encouraged to donate a fee of R10 towards WWF’s efforts to protect our planet’s rich natural heritage.

Statistics show that the planet’s populations of wild species have fallen by half since 1970, but with organisations like the WWF South Africa on hand, a lot of work is being done to try and reverse the decline.

The campaign enjoys widespread support and rave reviews each year.
In the spirit of extending the Wear It Wild campaign message, participating businesses have in the past:

– Highlighted the importance of the Wear It Wild campaign to staff, business partners and customers.

– Encouraged staff and other stakeholders to dress up as their favourite animal to work in celebration of Wear It Wild Day (Wear It Wild Day: 14 October 2021- 14 November 2021).

– Hosted mini internal events to celebrate Wear It Wild Day (Best Dressed competition etc.).

– Shared pictures of creatively dressed participants on their social media channels.

– Donated R10 per participant to WWF South Africa’s conservation efforts as part of the Wear It Wild campaign.

This year we are also encouraging participants that would like to share their creative costumes on social media to use the following hashtag: #WearItWild.
Should your organisation would be interested in participating in the campaign this year or for more info on the campaign please visit the WWF South Africa website,
The following videos highlight the Wear It Wild concept
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World Environment Day and a beach clean up

Yesterday was World Environment day and Hamish and I spent the morning doing our last beach clean up in Kommetjie.

We are no strangers to beach clean ups and if you’ve been following us for a while you will know that pre-covid we did as many as we could get to.

Hamish has grown up alongside the beach and aside from teaching him to admire and love the ocean and her beautiful creatures I also want to instill in him a responsibility to do his part to keep the beaches clean and protect the animals and sea life that relies on us not contaminating the environment.

Kommetjie Beach is most likely one of the cleanest beaches we have ever cleaned and yet you will still find plastic straws, lolly sticks, cigarette butts and chip packets among the sand and kelp

Normally we would use gloves to collect the dirt, but we know this beach and it seldom has dangerous items or filth so I was comfortable with us not using gloves. At other beaches, i will insist both Hamish and I are wearing gloves.

If you are new to a beach clean up, gloves are mostly provided as well as bags to collect the dirt in.

Yesterday, after our beach clean up we were gifted beautiful reusable glass water bottles from Consol.

Consol have an initiative to join and support several beach clean ups to show their commitment to natural, sustainable packaging. They are calling on you to be the change and change to a more sustainable lifestyle

By using more glass, we limit the amount of plastic that reaches our Oceans.

Did you know that in 30 years time we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Knowing this and how much my son loves the ocean how can I not be part of the change?

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Blindiana – Coffee for a cause

If you are anything like me, my day does not start before I’ve enjoyed a cup or 3 of good coffee.

Blindiana Mocha Java

This week whilst exploring the friendly town of Worcester, Worcester wine and olive route and Worcester Tourism gifted us with a bag of Blindiana range coffee from Innovation for the blind.

Innovation for the blind have a delicious range of coffee packaged by the visually impaired

Coffee range

This delicious range of coffees is packaged by the visually impaired and is in collaboration with Beans for Africa, who are well known for their commitment to excellence.

Their range comprises of:
Blindiana Range – a dark roast
Blindiana filter – a medium to dark filter roast
Blue mountain – a medium to mild blend
And the Mocha Java– a medium filter roast.

About Innovation for the blind

Innovation for the blind is situated in Worcester, famously known as the care capital of South Africa.

This non profit caters to the all inclusive special needs of the visually impaired and have done so since 1881

You can support them by purchasing their range from Shoprite or Checkers in the Western Cape or if you visit Worcester, by visiting Blindiana Barista Coffee shop and venue centre.

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How to gift more mindfully

“Oh we are living in a Material world and I am a material girl …” sang Madonna in the early 80’s

An era where computers were just being introduced in homes around South Africa, the ozone lazer was a hot topic and plastic items graced the shelves of every store.

More than 30 years after we understand the damage we have done to the Earth and now have very conscious steps we can each take to do our part in trying to restore the delicate state of our one and only Earth.

Becoming eco conscious

Whilst becoming entirely eco conscious over night may not be possible for many of us, there are certainly small steps we can each do to make a more positive impact on our environment and change our lifestyle.

And one of these steps is to look at what and how we gift to others.

Gifts of love

Without a doubt gifting plays a huge role in our lives.

In 365 days of a year I personally have 20 family birthdays, 2 anniversaries to remember and all the regular holidays like Valentine’s day, mothers day, father’s day, Easter and Christmas.

Not to mention wedding gifts, birthday gifts to parties my children or I are invited to, thank you gifts, bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveals, retirements, etc


With all these gifts we are buying and gifting throughout the year, how much have we added to the pile of unsustainable junk suffocating the Earth?

Are we mechanically just buying a gift to fit a budget ?

And have we diminished the value and love of a true heartfelt gift behind the latest trending items on a gift catalogue?

A change in gifting

Looking at the amount of gifts you give each year and asking yourself how many of them are sustainable, or truthfully given because the recipient honestly needed/wanted or would enjoy the gift, can help you to gift more smartly and with a more mindful sustainable mindset.

How to gift more mindfully

Some ways you can change your gifting habits to be more mindful are:-

  • Don’t gift at all ( I’m personally not sure that I am brave enough to ever not gift but the most eco conscious way to not add to clutter is not to gift)
  • Gift through a charity– many charities offer a service whereby you can make a donation in the name of the gift recipient. Some of these organisation’s offer a certificate or card to hand to the person on their special day.
  • Gift an experience –Instead of gifting yet another item to fill a shelf, why not gift an experience that the other person has always wanted. You get wonderful online vouchers for cooking classes, art classes, helicopter rides, etc
  • DIY – use your skills to make homemade gifts. Bake or make something. Homemade gifts often save you money and are genuinely heartfelt.
  • Second hand – If you are going to shop why not look at vintage stores, thrift shops or second hand stores for good quality gifts to give. Often the charities and organisation’s have their own shops and you get to give back to a worthy cause by supporting them.
  • Upcycle– while you are shopping in the second hand stores look for items you could add a coat of paint to or fix up with a little creativity to gift.
  • Regift – Yes! I said it. Regift that ugly necklace your husband bought or that pair of jeans you’ve never gotten into. If the item is in your cupboards and not being used there is a good possibility it can be used by someone else.
  • New– finally if all else fails and you must shop new try to shop local, sustainably and as mindfully as possible.

Final note

And as a final note, if you are still looking at options to gift less physical items why not gather your friends or relatives and each contribute to one big ticket item gift instead of each gifting several smaller, often unused items.

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To put us all back in touch with nature, WWF South Africa has launched a restful playlist of the unique sounds and features of Africa’s natural heritage for enjoyment safely at home, while observing the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

The WWF playlist, titled ‘Bring Nature Inside’, captures the soundscapes of our beautiful natural world and features the sounds of projects and areas where WWF is actively working.

“We wanted to allow people to experience the richness of nature. With many of us feeling overwhelmed by the current state of the world and the unique disruptions we are facing, it is imperative for us to take care of our mental and emotional well-being. Nature provides the perfect ‘escape’ that we need during this time,” says Justin Smith, head of business development at WWF South Africa.

From the enchanting sounds of rhino translocations, to the soothing backdrop of a free-flowing river and the rhythmic sound of the Atlantic Ocean, each authentic track features immersive sounds with a description that brings together the beauty and significance of our natural resources,and showcases the work WWF is doing to help protect South Africa’s natural heritage.

Contribute by listening

“Fostering a connection with nature during these unsettling times is essential for our well-being and a reminder of the ways in which we can look after our environment, especially as the world searches for a new normal in how we live,” says Justin.

With its 10-hour long mix of different calming and inspirational tracks, the WWF SA soundscapes can be enjoyed in any setting; whether you are working, exercising, cooking, gardening or simply taking a break from your home desk.

For access to the WWF SA Soundscape Playlist please visit or click on the below links:

1. SoutPansberg

2. HighVeld

3. Fishing

4. Rhino

5. Beach



8. National Park

9. Windfarm

10. Pastures

The soundscapes will also be available on various streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon.

A percentage of the streaming royalties will go to support WWF SA’s ongoing conservation work, at no cost to the platform user.

“We are excited to share soundscapes with our audiences. Distance does not mean disconnect, and we hope that with this platform we can help bring some solace and peace to people in these extraordinarily trying times. At the same time, we want to highlight that nature still matters; we must continue safeguarding it so that we can all enjoy it together again in the future. As an added benefit, every time a track is streamed, WWF will earn a modest amount of much-needed money to put towards its conservation efforts,” says Justin.